Lovely and awesome.

Posted: May 13, 2008 in best things, Music, Pimp

Whatever method it is that you procure music – download, CD purchase, by honest means or by means most foul – go forth and obtain the August Rush Soundtrack.

Also? Jonathan Rhys Meyers can SING. Do yourself a favor, regardless of if you get and/or listen to the rest of the soundtrack, click on the playbar below because you HAVE TO listen to “This Time”. Unbelievable.

LOVE me them Irish boys.

And if you’re a fan of acoustic guitar, “Bari Improv” and “Ritual Dance”, played by Kaki King, are both funky combination guitar/percussion numbers. Who knew smacking the frets could sound so cool?

Okay, so yes, I’m geeked about my new favorite album.

  1. fishdreamer says:

    I really like that, thank you! It’s a little unpolished, which makes it just that much better. There’s passion in that voice.

  2. Laura says:

    Fishdreamer – Exactly, it’s that unpolished aspect that draws me.

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