Wicked tired.

Posted: May 6, 2008 in Journal, pets, photography

I am so flippin’ tired. So tired that I didn’t get on-line all weekend long (except to post that song), or yesterday. So tired that I napped yesterday and still felt the crash at about 9:00. So tired that I neglected to change the tagline on this site for this week until just now. So tired that I’ve had two Diet Cokes, two cups of coffee, and now an overlarge iced tea just to get through the day. So tired that I skipped four days of workouts, then worked out one day, then skipped the next day. So tired that instead of trying to figure out what among the foods at home were diet-friendly last night, I just elected to have a bowl of edemame and a Kit-Kat.

I’m SO kicking my own butt in the weight room tonight. As soon as I get home from work. Which will probably be sometime around 6:00. Stoopid meetings.

Here. Look at my cats. I’m too tired to post anything more interesting. This is where they stare at me from every morning while I get ready for work – Oz from on top of the shower wall, Zoe perched on the bathtub.



  1. Marcia says:

    I also have 2 cats who insist on being in the bathroom with me every morning- one on the counter and the other usually IN the bathtub. Makes it difficult doesn’t it?

  2. Taoist Biker says:

    Re: the tagline, it’s downright unhealthy how much I worshipped FNM for about six months in 1990.

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