As Promised

Posted: May 3, 2008 in best things, Music, Pimp

As I mentioned previously, Taoist Biker is doing a series on his collection of 80’s music. He included a couple of Phil Collins songs in his list, but didn’t include “In the Air Tonight” – which I’m sure most can agree is one of Phil’s quintessential songs. Now, he’s only including in the list those songs that he actually owns in his digital library, so we don’t have to accuse him of poor taste for leaving ItAT out. He even implied that the song surely would have made the list, if only he owned it.

Though I do still require an explanation for why “Easy Lover” wasn’t on his list, either.

Anyway, I promised I’d post my favorite version of the song – extended, with a sweet piano entry, a nice back beat, and some strings and such. Enjoy!

Edited to add – Okay, hmm. It seems to be stuck in buffer mode. I’ll futz with it and try to get it to work. It may be that the file format is different because the CD was an import, since the other songs I’ve linked in similar fashion seem to be working just fine. Nuts.

Edited again to add – Yep, it was the file format. Try it now!

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    Yeah, that’s pretty damned good stuff! The only part I didn’t like is the little “one-two-three” strings riff over the chorus – it seems a tad out of place to me. And to my ear, it could have used a dirty, languid dive-bomb guitar line at about 4:19, but other than that, it’s like somebody Sade-ed the track. And I loves me some Sade. Very groovy, thanks for sharing!

    Now I’ll have “Easy Lover” in my head for the rest of the day, TYVM. I only have it on CD on the “Serious Hits – Live!” album, and I was trying to avoid putting live tracks on my disc. Besides, that version is good, but it’s not quite the original. Great tune, though!

    My son is upstairs recovering from his latest drum solo on that little $100 Target kit. And I confess, my hip is a little sore from working the kick drum pedal myself. It’s more fun than you might think to crank up “Superstition” and play along on a little pint-sized set, hehehe.

    But what am I saying, you’re probably busily pounding away at Rock Band as I type this… 😉

  2. Laura says:

    TB – Actually, you’re totally right, Michael and I just got done with a few sets in Seattle (apparently we won some sort of ’69 bomber). He’s all about following the game through and earning points and making it to the next “level” – I’m all about deploying the cheat to release all the songs and just playing.

  3. Heather says:

    I would totally have a fantastic explantion why “Easy Lover” would NOT be in my collection. Heehee… 😉

  4. Taoist Biker says:

    Well, hell, now I feel like I’ve been called out. Let’s see…fantastic explanation, fantastic explanation…

    “Ever since that cocaine-fueled night at Phil Bailey’s house, I can’t hear that song without being reduced to hysterical tears at the thought of the special kind of love that I had, and lost, that one May night in 1989. Oh, I had no idea how in later years my heart would ache for that one night with Teena, Gabrielle, Autumn, Blonde Jen, Marie, Tiny B, Rochelle, Tara, and Bob. So please, don’t mention that song to me…the pain is just too much to bear.”

    Eh, it’ll do.

  5. Laura says:

    Heather – Snob!

    TB – Umm… yeah.

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