Epilogue and Miscellany

Posted: May 2, 2008 in best things, Calvin, Drama, Headspace, Journal, Memory Lane, weekend

I have the best readers on the PLANET. You guys have left some really great, really kind comments during this whole saga that took SEVEN parts to complete. That’s, like, four more parts than I anticipated it to take. Once I started telling the story, I kept backtracking with the thought, “Well, I can’t explain about THIS unless I tell them about THAT. Oh, and I can’t talk about THAT without mentioning this OTHER THING…” Fifty-seven million words later, and you have a rough script for a made-for-TV movie on Lifetime (nod to Taoist Biker, who is currently doing a series of 80’s music themed entries that you guys should, like, totally check out, oh mah gah).

Now. To answer a couple of questions you guys had.

“Why the heck didn’t you write about any of this before?” Eight years into having an on-line journal, an excellent question. And I have no answer. I guess it was just time to write about it. I didn’t expressly, specifically not write about it. There just seemed to be more interesting or fun or relevant things to be writing about. I guess? Really, I just dunno. Perhaps I just like writing about the present and the future, more than writing about the past.

Yes, my former sister-in-law still works for AcronymCo, but on a different campus. Our paths do not cross (I do sometimes have business at the other campus but I’ve never seen her, AcronymCo is a Very Very Big Company), but if they did I’m sure she’d be perfectly civil to me. There were a couple of occasions over the years that we’ve had to talk or e-mail with one another, and she was always perfectly polite to me. Perhaps she went home and bad-mouthed me to my ex and the rest of their family, but what I don’t hear won’t hurt me. By the way, I didn’t report her giving my ex my unlisted number because, well, I kind of understood why she would. He (and their mother, I’m sure) probably pestered her to DEATH. And it didn’t really end up hurting anything, since he dropped off the radar shortly thereafter. Plus, I’m nice as HELL.

Yes, the whole story about how Calvin and I came to be will be forthcoming. Suffice to say he was in the background during a lot of the crap I went through with my ex, and in the foreground a lot after my ex and I separated. Obviously, our friendship progressed to something more than that, despite the two of us inconveniently being in relationships at the time. You’ll get the full story, rest assured. Calvin did want me to mention, that tattoo I talked about getting in my final installment? He was there with me getting HIS first tattoo at the same time. I believe the words he spoke as he read that part of the entry were, “Hey. We did that together.” Accompanied by the cutest little pout, impossible to ignore.

Now, the reason that I kept the description of Calvin’s role during that time of my life to a minimum was because I wanted to keep the story about just what was going on with my ex. Truly, my friendship and subsequent relationship with Calvin had nothing to do with what was going on with my ex. I would have left my ex under any circumstances; Calvin was NOT the catalyst that made me leave him. He just happened to be wonderful and supportive and a priceless friend during that whole part of my life.

Come to think of it, he’s still wonderful and supportive and a priceless friend. And he’s dead sexy, too.

I will write more about what happened during my life as a Witness (and the more recent times, Jen, that they’ve unsuspectingly knocked on our door). Perhaps it will whet your appetite when I state that I pretty much completely blame them for my Grandmother’s decline into senility. I’m still angry at them in a way that I’m not even angry at my ex anymore.

So, the Epic Entries of Doom brought all of you up to February 1998. There were two and a half more years between that time and my very first entry in my very first on-line journal.Two and a half years of romance and drama and step-parenting 101, before I decided to regularly blurt it all out onto the internet for all the world to see and judge. So, yeah! Plenty of more stories to come.

I welcome any other questions you guys may have, I’ll answer them to the best of my ability! Thanks again for all the positive feedback and support.


On a completely unrelated note, Darkhorse is now featuring Rockband every Thursday night. These dudes come and set up their stuff (and WHAT a setup it is) and the folks in the bar (the drunker the better) try their hand at it. Calvin and I had never seen it being… ah… performed before.

You guys, it was totally TITE.

So! I enlisted the uber-geek skillz of one Miss Jen. She is savvy in all things gaming – video and otherwise. So she helped me pick out what we needed (completely gleeful that she had helped “convert us” to gaming), I ordered on-line, and at lunchtime she and I drove down to Circuit City and picked it up.

Calvin doesn’t know about it yet, but he’s on his way home and will surely see the GREAT BIG BOXES on the loveseat. I anticipate a phone call any minute now.

And now you know what WE’RE doing this weekend!

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    I think I mentioned it once, but my kid’s school bought a 360 and Rock Band for their music class, and the kids all LOVE it.

    After we’ve successfully denied ourselves for years now, my wife and I are finally going to break down and use our tax refund money to buy a 360 with Rock Band and Guitar Hero. (And the new versions of MotoGP for me, natch. Woohoo!) I’m totally psyched, because I’ve always been tempted by the Guitar Hero displays in Best Buy. And supposedly Rock Band on easy mode is more or less a series of basic “how to play drums” lessons. I’ve always wanted that. (Hence why the school used it – it’s great for teaching rhythm in a way that really engages the kiddies.)

    Oh, and my wife’s friend has loaned our boy her son’s mini-drum kit for the weekend. He is enraptured. Gawd help us.

  2. Taoist Biker says:

    Oh, and I should completely back up and congratulate you on what must have been an incredibly difficult process of writing all all that traumatic stuff. It’s the kind of stuff that I’d love to believe could never actually happen to real people in real life, even though I know better.

    Regardless, it’s been thoroughly engaging writing, and I certainly hope it’s been cathartic for you. You’ve clearly earned every bit of happiness in your life. Bravo, lady!

  3. Frank says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your story. Given all that has happened, it’s a miracle you turned out so normal. Now we just have to get you back to the east coast. ­čÖé

  4. Starr says:

    Wow; I went back and started reading from the very first…dude – time has flown by! How weird it is to read about Michael and Marie before they got all grown up! ­čÖé
    Thanks for writing; I’m glad I re-discovered your journal recently!

  5. Laura says:

    TB x 2 – I’m wondering if you need both Rock Band AND Guitar Hero? You can go solo on Rock Band if you want… And thanks for being so supportive!

    Frank – Well, “normal” is a relative term… ­čśÇ

    Starr – I know, it’s hard to believe that Michael is 25 and Marie is about to turn 20… thanks for re-finding me!

  6. Taoist Biker says:

    I’ve been told that the guitar part of “Rock Band” is nowhere near as challenging as “Guitar Hero.” That, and well, there’s more songs on ’em! Must faux-rock out to more songs!!

  7. […] tale, here’s part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six, part seven, and epilogue. Keep in mind I was still using nom-de-nets back […]

  8. Oregon Sunshine says:

    I’ve been reading books by Cathy Lamb lately that deal with relationships, violence and abuse. So far, I’ve read everything but her latest book. I started reading them in May or June, right before the move to Georgia. And, I gotta say, they’ve been a bit of a catharsis for me. They’ve been perhaps more healing than any of the therapy sessions I went to were.

    What worked for you? Well, besides Calvin?

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