You’re all wrapped up in mystery

Posted: April 12, 2008 in best things, bitching, photography
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Why didn’t anybody tell me how much better Firefox is than Internet Exploder? Oh, wait, you did. I downloaded it when I read on the WordPress Forums that many of the features of their new admin panel don’t work with IE, but do work with Firefox. Certain things still aren’t working for me, or working the way I like, but it’s better than it was. And can I just say? FUCK bureaucratic changes that don’t ask the users what THEY want… it just changed one day with no warning, which really cheesed me, and a lot of other people, off.

Anyway, Firefox. Of course, AcronymCo’s IT guys are going to have a fit when they realize that I downloaded a non-sanctioned program onto my laptop. What the heck, it’s a tradition by now. I already have LimeWire and Quicken and Photoshop and iTunes and all the programs for my Canon. What’s one more?

Speaking of unsanctioned programs, I’m pretty stoked. I have a seriously outdated version of Photoshop (5.5, to be precise). I love my camera, I love taking pictures, but I always felt like I could be doing more with the images to make them more interesting, more artistic, more in keeping with what I see in my mind. So I picked up a SERIOUSLY discounted version of Photoshop CS3 and will proceed to go nuts with it. If you’d like to know where and how, e-mail me.

Based on other bloggers’ recommendations and ravings, I also picked up copies of The Adobe Photoshop CS3 Book for Digital Phographers, and The Digital Photography Book Volume I, both by Scott Kelby.

I love having hobbies.

  1. angelh28 says:

    I love your hobbies too. I wish I had hobbies of my own. Wait, that would require talent of some sort.

  2. Laura says:

    Angelh28 – Nah! Just interest!

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