Wandering around on Friday night

Posted: March 22, 2008 in best things, booze, Calvin, Music, photography, weekend
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Calvin and I got home from work yesterday afternoon and promptly took a long and satisfying nap. I LOVE taking naps with him – snuggling up in the dim and cool bedroom, covered up and comfy with Calvin at my front and the cats in the hollows of my body at my back. Plus, naps (any kind of sleep, really) are entertaining to me because I ALWAYS dream. Always. Sometimes they’re really screwed up, sometimes they’re just entertaining.

Anyway. When we got up we started the whole, “What do you want to do?” “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” round of negotiations. We decided to ride the motorcycle up to the mall and hit BJ’s Brewery for dinner. We got seated outside on the patio with some KILLER potato skins, a couple of shots of Gray Goose, and a cider for me and beer for him. We gabbed. AND we gabbed. We watched the world go by, and gabbed some more. We got our entrees (salad for me, pot roast sandwich for him), and ate. And gabbed.

We finished dinner, rode back home to get the truck, went to the store for a few necessities, then decided that the night was too nice to just sit around in the living room and watch movies. So I grabbed our CD collection (the WHOLE thing, which takes two trips) and we got in the truck and drove around with the windows rolled down and the music rolled UP.

Driving Around Soundtrack
– Van Halen
– Uncle Ted
– Duran Duran
– Bannanarama
– Godzilla Soundtrack
– Scorpions
– Lita Ford
– Judas Priest
– Metallica

Now. Most of these things belong together. Which of these things does not belong?

We ended up in Scottsdale, and Calvin recalled a taco and tequila bar that he heard about on the news. We found a fortuitous parking spot (never easy in Old Town Scottsdale on a Friday night) and went to Cien Agaves. It’s a very funky place with a massive selection of tequila. We sat at the bar and ordered a mid-range sipping tequila for each of us. I took pictures and we gabbed with a nice couple sitting next to us, here on vacation. We took turns daring each other to buy a shot of their highest quality tequila, a bargain at two hundred dollars per SHOT. Not per bottle. Per shot.

Yeah, nobody bought one. Though we told the couple we would pay five dollars a piece to just smell their breath afterwards.

Some pics of a really fun night. Hover to see comments.

Mill Avenue at night, as seen from Rural Road crossing the bridge to Scottsdale.

Driving, holding hands, listening to music.

Welcome to Scottsdale

Hello, Sombrero dude!

What would you like?  We have tequila, tequila, and tequila.





Dude painting in a bar.

bar shot

The whole set is here.

  1. Amanda says:

    Looks like a really cool place!

    And I’m SO jealous that you can actually sit around outside on patios. There still some snow on the ground here and there were flurries on the way to the grocery store. SIGH.

  2. Taoist Biker says:

    “Which of these things does not belong?”

    Well, I don’t know Uncle Ted, but DUH. The Scorpions don’t belong. They’re the only non-native English speakers.

    Old Town Scottsdale is cool; when I was there for my conference a few years back, my wife’s first cousin (an artist, he lives in Phoenix) took me to all the galleries there on the main drag and I had a ball. Then we had lunch at Malee’s. Yum.

    $200 a SHOT!?!?!? The Virgin Mary’s bathwater isn’t worth $200 a shot!!!

  3. Laura says:

    Amanda – Yes, well, we can sit outside NOW, but when it’s 115 we’re all going to be just as stuck inside as you are right now!

    TB – Heh. I was thinking more along the lines that Bananarama is the most out of place. I adore the art district though ALL of the stuff is way out of our price range. I’ve never been to Malee’s. And yes, PER SHOT.

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