Posted: March 17, 2008 in bitching

Just a brief question for you guys today.

Allow me to set the scene.

So, Calvin and I were having lunch at a sports bar type establishment.  Not far away from us sat a woman, her husband, and a baby of a few months.  After a bit, the woman got up, got a pack of cigarettes and a lighter out of the diaper bag, and walked out to the patio to have a smoke, leaving her husband behind with the baby.

Which to me begs the following question: If the woman quit smoking when she discovered she was pregnant (and I’d like to assume that she did), why after nine months (or so) of not smoking would she START again??  And why on earth would she smoke when she has an infant?  Did she start up again the very day the baby was born, or did she wait a whole week?  And it doesn’t matter if she leaves the room/house to have the cig, it will still linger in her hair and clothes.

If she didn’t quit when she found out she was pregnant, well, she sucks, of course.  And if she took up smoking after having a baby, well, she’s stupid.

Gah.  This cheesed me off.

  1. rai says:

    That is a pet peeve of mine. Even when I was a smoker, that would have been the one thing (I thought at the time) that would have made me quit. When my cousin’s wife lit up while pushing the stroller with her 9 month old inside, I almost lost it.

  2. cynthea says:

    MAN, I MISS SMOKING. I’d smoke my shoe right now if I thought it would help.
    For me, it took a couple of times before the “quit” stuck. One of the things that helped me not smoke was limiting myself to when I could smoke. You know? I would only let myself smoke if I was drinking alcohol, etc. And it worked, I could go forever without smoking if I knew at some point in the future I would be able to indulge.
    So, I bet it’s the same for pregnant smokers. You know that chick was counting down to her due date from the second she found out.

  3. Heather says:

    I don’t know why people smoke anyway, but that’s just me. I know my Mom smoked when she was pregnant with me and we have pictures of me sitting on my dad’s lap and he’s holding a cigarette about a foot from my little head. I know they didn’t know what they know now, but still. I’m a little opinionated because that is basically what led to my Mom’s death so, baby or no, I can’t figure out why people start and/or continue to smoke. It’s just something that will always be beyond me.

  4. Taoist Biker says:

    Yeah, my sister-in-law started again sometime after my nephew was born. I don’t get it at all.

  5. Laura says:

    Rai – My sister smoked (and NOT cigs) all the way through all of her pregnancies. I lectured her every time. Didn’t help.

    Cynthea – Really? You miss it? How long ago did your quick stick?

    TB – Neither do I.

  6. Even when I was a smoker, I couldn’t understand why someone would quit for 9 months and then start up again. But then, I guess everyone’s different, such as in the case of Cynthia (well, possibly, depending on how long ago she quit). Before I quit, I’d heard that an ex-smoker will miss smoking forever. I don’t feel that way, though. In fact, I’ve now become one of “those” ex-smokers, where I absolutely cannot stand the smell of smoke. And I grew up in a house with two very heavy smokers.
    I know some people who’ve smoked through their pregnancies, and I cringed everytime I saw them light up with their big ol’ bellies. Like Rai, I had always promised myself (and future children) that if I hadn’t quit by the time I got pregnant, I would quit then.

  7. Dawn says:

    Ha! I totally started smoking again after Avery was born because I was So Freaking Stressed Out those first few months. Seriously, nobody prepared me for what to *really* expect during that time, so after a bout of “what the heck is she crying about?” I’d slip out on the back porch and smoke a cig.

    I felt like an idiot at the time (and still do, because like you said, who quits for 9 months and then starts back up?) but it may have been the only thing that preserved my sanity in the early days. I just really felt overwhelmed a LOT. And she was a “good” baby, even!

    I’m quitting again, though, because I don’t want her to remember that I ever did it.

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