Posted: March 14, 2008 in bitching, Family, Headspace

Chores are on my mind today.  Since it’s my early Friday, I have the usual (mostly self-imposed) Honey-Do list.  Get the truck washed.  Pick up meds.  Make the list and go to the grocery store.  Then tomorrow Calvin has to work, so I’m going to spend some productive time in the kitchen, making a crock pot dish, and organizing and de-trashing cupboards that haven’t been dug out since I moved into the house in 1994.  Along with housework in general, which shouldn’t be too bad since I cleaned the shit outta the place on Monday of this week.

Oh crap.  Literally.  I just remembered I need to pick up doggie presents in the back yard.  So.  There’s that too.

So, with these chores on my mind, I got to wondering just what it is that the super-rich folks do with their time, since they have someone else to do the cooking and the cleaning, the errand-running and the shopping.  And a lot of them don’t even work, or at least not 8×5.  It’s a mystery to me, since I’m starting to feel like my life is defined by the chores I complete.

Of course, nerd that I am, I actually had to quantify.  Basing assumptions on 8 hours of sleep a day, 8 hrs x 5 days x 48 weeks a year of work (I have 4 weeks of vacation), a beginning age of 23 (since that’s mostly when stuff started getting really busy), and an ending age of 65 (at which point things will change because I shall hopefully be retired) (65-23 = 42 years, btw), here’s the dark truth (and these times are really conservative):

Time spent tending to pets (1 hour/day): 15,288 hours, or 637 days, or 1.75 YEARS (good christ)
Time spent menu planning (1 hour/week): 2,184 hours, or 91 days
Time spent grocery shopping (1 hour/week): 2,184 hours, or 91 days
Time spent cooking (3.5 hours/week): 7,644 hours, or 318.5 days
Time spent running miscellaneous errands (1 hour/week): 2,184 hours, or 91 days
Time spent cleaning the house (3 hours/week): 6,552 hours, or 273 days
Time spent paying bills and tending finances (1 hour/week): 2,184 hours, or 91 days
Time spent doing laundry (2 hours/week): 4,368 hours, or 182 days
Time spent on miscellaneous chores (like LAYING OUT CALVIN’S CLOTHES, among other things) (1 hour/week): 2,184 hours, or 91 days

Time sleeping: 122,640 hours, or 5,110 days, or 14 years
Time working: 80,640 hours, or 3,360 days, or 9.2 years

Total Time Spent Doing Crap: 248,052 hours, or 10,335.5 days, or 28.32 years
Total Time Available: 367,920 hours, or 15,330 days, or 42 years
Total Time Left to ACTUALLY LIVE: 119,868 hours, or 4,994.5 days, or 13.68 years

So.  The pets should probably not be replaced once they kick it.  I’ll get months of my life back!  And perhaps I should get by on 6 hours of sleep a night, and get more months back that way.  Go out to eat instead of grocery shopping and cooking?  But then I’d probably have to put more time into finances to figure out how to compensate.  Feh.  I shouldn’t have broken my life down into hours.

Now.  How many of you checked my math?  Har.

  1. Taoist Biker says:

    No, but my first prescription would be to up “Hours Spent Drinking,” in the hopes that that would raise “Hours Spent Not Giving A Fuck.” At least that’s my strategy!

  2. Laura says:

    TB – Now THAT sounds like a good plan!

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