Kickin’ it Old School

Posted: March 4, 2008 in Music, Video

Last night Calvin and I took a trip to Zia Records to stock up on some tunes. Apparently we were in an old school frame of mind, because we came away with the following:

Journey Concert DVD
AC/DC Concert DVD
Van Halen Concert DVD
Best of Queen CD
Best of Springsteen CD
Best of Heart CD
“Once” Soundtrack
(edited to add: forgot one – “INXS – Live Baby Live” concert DVD)

While I loaded the music onto my laptop for future sorting before being added to my iPod (I have a Nano at the edge of its 4GB capacity, so I have to be choosy instead of dumping entire albums onto it), Calvin cycled through the concert DVD’s (we’re BIG fans of those). And I pondered the following:

Angus Young has mad skinny legs.

Brian Johnson is going to pop his carotid one of these days, belting in a way which looks physically painful to sustain.

Steve Perry is one jowly motherfucker.

EARLY Journey costuming = what le fuck?

The video for “Separate Ways” is just about the gayest thing I’ve ever seen. And I was around when Shelley did the entry about the assless chaps guy. I love the song. The video is CRAPTASTIC.

Don’t believe me? Just watch:

I bet if the song “Fat Bottomed Girls” came out now, it’d be a rap song.

I wonder if the fact that I can’t play air guitar to save my life will in any way inhibit my ability to play an actual guitar?

The snake gets more active in her vivarium when we play loud music.  Which makes sense, because we’ve felt the sides of the tank while the music was cranked, and it’s been thumping like it’s got all the cowbell it needs.

There has never been, nor will there ever be, a better guitarist in the history of mankind than one Mr. Edward Van Halen.

It seems that Sammy Hagar performs less enthusiastically for the Roth songs than he does for the songs he came up with while with the band. Which isn’t surprising, I guess.

Them Van Halen boys sure do like to hop around on stage.

  1. Keri says:

    I love that freakin’ Journey video. You just made my day.

  2. Taoist Biker says:

    Oh GOD yes, that Journey video is a good example of the nadir of 80s culture. I mean, I love the 80s, but there was some embarrassing stuff there, and bingo, Steve Perry and his shiny stage jackets would be on stage for that show.

    If you learn to play guitar, it will help your air guitaring. But inability to air guitar doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to play a real guitar.

    How does Brian Johnson still do it? I have no idea.

  3. Laura says:

    Keri – if THAT made your day, you should check out their video for “Wheel in the Sky”. YouTube is your friend.

    Taoist Biker – See above “Wheel in the Sky” comment (though technically that’s late 70’s). I mean, come ON. A red silk shirt tied off at the midriff like a GIRL?!? Also, perhaps I should invest in Rock Band? Finally, I have no idea either. It’s probably the drugs, maaaaan.

  4. Heather says:

    My legs would be skinny too if I NEVER sat still! I LOVE Angus.

    And not to get into another music ‘discussion’ but I totally disagree about EVH. Hahaha! 😉

  5. Taoist Biker says:

    My son coming home from school talking about playing Rock Band in music class is driving me CRAZY.

    Not quite crazy enough yet to shell out $600 for an Xbox 360, the game, and Guitar Hero to boot, but pretty damned crazy.

  6. Laura says:

    Heather – I refuse to acknowledge that last statement.

    Taoist Biker – Can you BELIEVE how much those darned things are? Calvin and I debated about getting one (you know, for those long boring Sunday afternoons) but gave up on the idea as a waste of that much money. Now, if it was, say, $199 (all together), I might go for it.

  7. Calvin says:

    I told you the EVH needed to be justified. He was\is among the top five best ever no doubt, but the real reason for his rank is he brought a new style to music something noone else was doing 25-30 years ago.

  8. Taoist Biker says:

    Calvin is correct. I could debate the EVH ranking also, but I totally agree with a comment I read in a guitar mag years and years ago, that he should get royalty checks from virtually everyone who has strapped on a guitar since 1978. That’s not debatable in the least.

  9. Laura says:

    Taoist Biker, Calvin, and Heather – Okay, you critics, then WHO is the best guitarist EVER if not EVH?

  10. […] days ago I insinuated to Laura that there may be better guitarists than Eddie Van Halen.   Even though, as I told her, I agree […]

  11. Taoist Biker says:

    Yep, see above: I finally took up the gauntlet. After I started writing it I realized it was going to be a long one, and rather than hijack your blog with a superlong comment, I’d blog it meself.

    Argue away!

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