Whut we done did.

Posted: March 3, 2008 in 101 in 1001, goals, Journal

Well. We didn’t end up hiking in Sedona as scheduled this weekend (see Heather? we can be flexible). Calvin, being on-call, needs to stick close to the Valley in case he’s summoned, which he was on Saturday. We did, however, ride the motorcycle to the Historic District of Gilbert, and had a pitcher at Champions. I mean no insult at all when I say that this was a dark, somewhat scary hole-in-the-wall. I come from the HOME of the dark, dank, slightly suspect BASEMENT hole-in-the-wall local, after all. A fact that the Maine office of tourism won’t fill you in on, by the way. I feel much more at home at a place like Champions (and the places back home) than the snobby high-brow establishments that Scottsdale is fraught with.

Anyway, Champions. Old place. Needs a face (and guts) lift. Bathroom was a wee bit ookifying (no pun intended). But the bartendresses were very nice, the patrons were very laid back, and nobody complained when I put “Radio Ga-Ga” on the jukebox. So there ya go. We’ll go back, I’m sure.

Prior to heading to Champions (um, this was Saturday), we got a call from a guy interested in buying my motorcycle. He and his dad stopped by our house and we all ended up shooting the shit for a good hour before coming down to brass tacks and getting on with the negotiations. In the end they gave us an offer we found acceptable, so they went to one bank for the cash, we went to our own bank to get the title notarized, and that was FINALLY that. I put the darn thing in the cycle trader and Craig’s List back in November, for heaven’s sake. I’m grateful it finally sold.

And that’s one hunk of cash that’s being tossed at a credit card, which pulls us in a good six months or more on our whole debt pay-off plan. Finally, some good news on that end (and another one gone).

Sunday we went to Majerles for lunch, then to Circuit City to replace our dying CRT monitor with a new shiny LCD monitor. Then Calvin cursed his way through setting that up while I enjoyed a book on the couch. Gotta love being married to a tech.

So! We had a nice, simple little weekend. Hope yours was enjoyable, too.


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