Things I am annoyed about today.

Posted: February 26, 2008 in bitching, Headspace, Journal, WTF

Somehow AcronymCo has managed to screw up hard boiled eggs. This morning I had the worst egg experience of my life. Who knew that was screw-uppable?


I think my husband resents my diversified hobbies and interests. I am very rarely bored. He, however, has the refrain “I’m bored” on constant repeat (AND those words will pop out of his mouth three seconds after coming home from, oh, say an afternoon and two hundred dollars spent at the drag races). I really REALLY think that “you own your own attitude”. You own your own mood, your own state of boredom, your own happiness. If any one of those things is not to your liking, it’s not something anyone other than yourself can fix.

Childish behavior in adults really ticks me off. People in their thirties (and beyond) that act like they’re in eighth grade need to get over themselves. “He said/she said” games have no place being played amongst grown-ups. If something needs to be said to someone, say it. If an opinion needs to be expressed, let it be known. Talking behind someones back is total bullshit. Life is too short, people. Grow the fuck up.

Self-examination is an excellent skill to cultivate. So instead of constantly throwing someone else under the bus, please spend as much time and effort reviewing your own behavior, actions, and attitudes. There is room for improvement. It is not necessary to constantly point out someone else’s flaws in an attempt to deflect attention from your own. Trust me, it’s not working.

People who don’t try their hardest or put forth their best effort, but instead just whine incessantly about something they could change (fix, figure out, accomplish) if they just tried, piss me right off. Do your job and stop trying to get other people to do it for you or make your life easier for you. Own your shit.

Finally, I’m saving the simplest request for last. Treat me as you would like me to treat you.  Crap in equals crap out.  My natural innate cheeriness gets hampered when exposed to enough negativity.


**Edited to add: I just re-read this and “heard” what it sounded like.  Only that very first thing was about Calvin… everything else wasn’t.  Just wanted to make that clear.

  1. Heather says:

    I don’t know how you can mess up hard boiled eggs but a grocery store managed to do just that and messed up an Easter basket I had made. See, I like to make hard boiled eggs, but I HATE coloring them for Easter so I saw they had a dozen pretty brightly colored hard boiled eggs. They weren’t boiled all the way. It was disgusting and on top of that I had a huge pouting biker with no eggs.

  2. Calvin says:

    Well sorry for wanting to get up and get out 🙂
    Just so I know what they are what are all these “diversified hobbies and interests”???
    If left alone you would never move from the couch and your hand would grow around the latest paperback,ebook or crossword puzzle OOOooo sign me up.
    Self-examination is an excellent skill to cultivate I agree and it might help to try it and see how things might change because others seldom do.

  3. Laura says:

    Heather – I don’t know which is worse, the ookey eggs or the pouting biker.

    Calvin – HUUUUUFFFF-FAH-FAH. It’s not the getting up and getting out thing, it’s the determination of your MYSTERIOUS and UNVOICED criteria for entertainment. I can offer three or four or TWENTY things to do and you’re all, “Nah” over every single one of them. My hobbies include but are not limited to: photography, herpeculture, writing, blogging, reading, anything outdoors (though I don’t get to do anything in that one often), puzzles (they EXERCISE the MIND), and cooking. I think you should play around with the camera more, mess around in the kitchen more, and I KNOW you’d get a readership based on this website alone if you started your own blog. I’d even spell-check for you. And we ARE going hiking, even though it involves walking. Finally, are you suggesting that YOU should indulge in some self-examination, or that I should? ~grin~ For my intents and purposes, the answer is “yes”.

  4. Calvin says:

    That’s cool.

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