The animals are winning.

Posted: February 24, 2008 in Home, pets

Oz has Zoe doing his dirty work for him.

Before we got Zoe, Oz would pester us in the morning if we’ve overslept (according to HIM, anyway).  He’d meow in his raspy, LOUD tone at the bedroom door, jiggle the door handle if the door was locked, or open the door and waltz in if the door was not locked.  He’d jump up on the bed, march march march march on whatever body part was handy, and get us to get up and feed him.

Now that we have Zoe, Oz has a scapegoatcat in crime that gets the deed done for him, without him being the cat in trouble.  Zoe is more persistent and more immune to our efforts to “SCAT!” her.  She just comes right back like a boomerang.  Or a particularly oblivious rubber ball.  And her little meow is so NOT obnoxious that it’s hard to get annoyed (well, okay, not that hard, but still). It’s like she’s saying, “Um, hello? Hi? I hate to bother you, but I’m hungry? Please? I love you?  Le mew?” She’s such a mousy little thing.

Cheeto is in on the conspiracy, too.  This morning he would NOT stop pacing and scrabbling around in his tank.  Which is right next to my head.  The pellets we use as bedding are particularly loud at DAWN.  He and Lucy are now pretty firmly out of their brumation cycle for the year, I believe, so this is how we’re probably going to get woken up every morning until next November.

So that’s how this morning went.  Zoe is at it at the door, Cheeto WILL NOT STOP with his scrabbling, Calvin is nudging me (and then kicking when I didn’t move it) to feed the damn animals already and get them to SHUT UP, and I just gave it all up and got out of bed. 

Pet ownership is SUCH a delight.

(I’m planning on putting up a “cast of characters” section on the “About” page so newcomers can be less confused over my pet (and people) references.  Look for that soon!) (Edited to add: Done!)


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