Mapping my value stream.

Posted: February 21, 2008 in Health/Fitness, Journal, work

Yuck. I feel like my body has been poisoned. In thinking about it, there really is no mystery as to why. Stuck in the conference as I have been the past few days, my routine has been thrown off. Fucking uncomfortable seats notwithstanding, all that sitting made me feel gross. I’m used to at least getting up and walking a couple of times a day. Plus I’ve been eating way too much junk food – Arby’s for lunch today, nachos and beer for dinner last night, pizza before that, Taco Bell before that, the Ren Fest and it’s caloric glory last weekend… let’s see, WHEN was the last time a fruit or vegetable passed my lips? Do the jalapenos from last night’s nachos count? Plus I think the last water I drank was back on Tuesday – since then it’s been juice and coffee and soda.

If my body is a temple, the gods must be pissed.

I’m sucking down G2 like it’s going out of style (not water, but better than the other stuff I’ve been drinking), and running tonight. There will be an attempt to dig up a vegetable or two around here to consume this evening. I’ve gotta go grocery shopping to really get myself back on track. Next week will be a good time to start on an attempt to complete my 101 in 1001 goal of packing my breakfast and lunch for work for a straight month, instead of relying on the cafeteria, vending machines, and fast food joints.

WHY do I forget to take care of myself? It’s not rocket science, forcryingoutloud.

So, the conference. It was all very, “Hail fellow, well met.” Win one for the Gipper! Procurement! Is! Exciting! Fall in love with your job again! Huzzah! I mean, sure, we had several good speakers and some useful breakout sessions. BUT. If I hear the words “positive tension”, “upskill”, “resonate”, “walk the talk”, “womb to tomb” or “value stream” one more time, I might commit mayhem. I might not be as cynical of these types of things IF The Powers That Be took the recommendations, suggestions, and requirements that they ASKED us to submit to them, and actually did something with them. But I’ve been to a lot of these types of deals, people. A LOT. And very little usually comes of them.

I hope to be pleasantly surprised. I doubt I will be. We shall see. For myself, I have some personal goals to work on and some frank discussions with my manager coming up in the near future. “You own your own employability,” after all!


We got a book, though! Our Iceberg is Melting. You know what this means, don’t you? I can read a book at work and not only not get in trouble, but also get paid for it. It’s no Harlequin romance, but you’ve gotta start somewhere. Some changes come in small increments, after all.

  1. chacheldoozer says:

    You are in desperate need of Bullshit Bingo:

  2. LauraH says:

    Jalapenos definitely count. Especially in a world where we are all encouraged to “think outside the box” and “test boundaries”. Go you!

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