Mutant turkey legs of doom.

Posted: February 18, 2008 in Journal, meme, photography, work

Hi gang. The youyou is still going really strong! I’ve left answers for everyone who asked, so if you haven’t submitted your name to me yet it’s still okay to do so. I had no idea it would generate this much interest.

I love WordPress – even if someone leaves me a comment associated with a post I wrote a year ago, the admin panel is arranged in such a way that it shows comments in chronological order according to when they were posted. I can go to one area on my admin panel and read all the comments without having to go into individual posts on my blog and hunt them down. I know this must sound like a “duh” feature to you, but it wasn’t available to me in Blogger. So, I’m geeked.

On another note, this is why I love my husband:


Little did I know when I took the picture of the pig’s butt at the Ren Fair in 2007 that it would become a tradition.  Calvin took this shot to keep the tradition alive.  We went yesterday (me, Calvin and Marie), and the weather was GLORIOUS.  Upper 60’s and sunny.  It didn’t break my heart. 

We ate our fool heads off, and Calvin gawked at the Wenches!  With Breasts!  I bought him a silver chain to replace the one that broke.  We had milkshakes and split a single turkey leg between the three of us.  Someone please tell me, where are they producing these mutant turkeys that have fifty pound legs?  I would be mighty frightened to corral these suckers.  They’re probably mean.  Well, and I would be mean too if I knew I was bred especially so that someone could chop my legs off and feed the slavering, anachronistic masses at the Renaissance Festival.

It’s getting MIGHTY pricey, too.  I’m not sure if we’ll continue to go if the entrance fee gets any higher.  Not to mention the cost of beverage and sustenance.  We might take Jen up on her suggestion and go to Estrella War the next time we get a hankering for wenchy goodness.

I’m stuck at a different AcronymCo campus this week, attending a conference.  Jen will be lonely without me.  Thank God for IM, which I’m sure I will desperately need if the titles of these lectures are any indication of how interesting they’re going to be.  I do like my job, but I’ve gotta say that Supply Chain Management is not the most riveting occupation on the planet.

I have remarkably little of interest to say today, it appears.  I’m out, take it easy.

  1. Sharon says:

    The Ren Fair in Arizona is fantastic! I went last year when I was visiting my son and his girlfriend. I’d never been to one before and I had a blast. My son got free tickets where he works (Borders), so we only had to spend money on food and drinks.

    I had such a good time that when I got back home to Virginia, I told my husband we would have to go to the one in our area. Well, we went in October and it was such a disappointment! The one held in Maryland was so much smaller. The jousting arena was 1/4 the size of the one in Arizona. We’ll never go back to that one again!

    Thinking about it makes me want to visit them again soon. They’re moving back home soon, so it would probably be my last time to see Arizona.

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