Chaotic morning.

Posted: February 1, 2008 in Home

I went “jogging” again last night. It was a slightly more positive experience than Tuesday’s.

I also got my hair cut last night – up to my shoulders, which is shorter than I’ve had it in (considering) at least ten years.  I’ve got it in little pigtails right now that make me look like I’m twelve.  Calvin was less than pleased that I got my hair cut short, but I’m loving it right now.  He’ll get used to it, and I bet at some point will even tell me that he LIKES it.

The landscaper is here right now cleaning up our yard. We got hit with a cold spell that knocked out a lot of our plants, and with the appraiser coming today we just needed a complete overhaul. Plus, he has a handy dandy trailer to haul away ALL the debris. And we… well, don’t because the Avalanche is in the shop getting the cargo panels replaced.

The doorbell just rang; it was the cable guy coming to check on why Marie’s cable isn’t working. So he’s climbing around on the roof, the landscaper has his chainsaw going, and the dogs are FREAKING THE FUCK OUT in here with me. Gadget waited until the cable guy was in the house for a full five minutes before he decided to cast out his INTRUDER ALERT bark.

Stupid dog.

I just wrapped up some work, and now I need to clean clean clean. Jen’s coming over for lunch (pizza) because she’s all by her lonesome at work.

I just want to get on the other side of this appraisal so I can breathe out.

  1. LauraH says:

    My dog does the exact same thing…unless it’s someone she knows. Then the barking starts immediately. She’s a dork. On appraising. I am a licensed real estate appraiser and we don’t knock off for tree limbs or stuff like that. We’re there to make sure the water is running and the walls are still up, honest. And then we add on for updates and the like. I know you’re going to be fine. I hope it went well.

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