Posted: January 30, 2008 in Journal

Life here at AcronymCo kind of grinds to a halt when there are computer and/or network issues.  My Outlook is hosed right now, preventing me from getting eleventy-seven things done.

Hence, you get an entry.  I am flexible that way.

I went through ALL of my archives and put together a “Best Of” list, which you can find by clicking on the tabby thing at the top of this page that says (GASP) “Best Of”.  When one has been writing for going on eight years, one accumulates a lot of wooooords.  That list ain’t short, people, but it’s pretty representative so if any new readers want to catch up, that’d probably be the way to go.

Let’s see, what else is going on?  Calvin and I are refinancing the house as part of our Grand Plan to Escape Arizona.  Debt restructuring to a New! Shiny! Low! Interest! Rate! is integral so that when the housing market turns around again (some day) we will be well poised to sell and Reap the Equity Benefits.

Playing fast and loose with the capitalization, there.

Part of the refi is getting the house appraised, which is this Friday.  Cross your fingers for us that we haven’t lost a lot of value on our home in this downturn.  Also cross your fingers for Calvin that he can find the darned leak in the wall and fix it in time to make it all pretty again.  Thirdly say a prayer that the landscaper can come do an emergency clean up of our front and back yards, which are looking pretty darned shabby due to all the wet weather we had over the weekend.

On a new note, I begin to see why it is that Zoe ended her ass up in the pound.  Oh. My. GOD.  The cat chooses EVERY MORNING at 5:00 a.m. to express her desire to be fed.  Now.  Neeeaaaaooowww.  Please?  Now?  Okay?  Hello?  Now.  NOW.

She stands at the bedroom door and meows her fool head off.  Then she waltzes over to the bathroom door in case we can hear her better from there, and meows her fool head off.  THEN she gets Ozzy involved – he jiggles the bedroom door handle while she yells from the bathroom door.  Then they switch places. 

The ONLY time they call a truce is when they’re working together to turn our morning into HELL.  Otherwise Zoe hisses at Oz if he even LOOKS at her.  Which I’m pretty sure amuses him.

“I’m not touching you… I’mmm noooot touuuuching yoooouuu…”


“Still not touching you…”


“I’m over here, NOT TOUCHING YOU.”


At which point Zoe hops up and runs away, and Oz chases her because she’s running, and he catches her because she’s slow, and she freaks out like she’s getting killed and makes these completely inhuman (natch – she’s a cat) yowls and screams AND we holler at them AND they ignore us AND we get up and chase Oz away from Zoe AND he waits until we sit back down or go back to whatever it was we were doing AND it starts in all over again.

 Razzlefrackin cats.

  1. Heather says:

    Oh…so she’s a CAT?!?! I have to hide Harley’s food from Jasper, but that’s exactly why I just leave a full dish out all the time. She (and Gabby was too) is insane if that bowl is even almost empty. I still blame John all these years later for bringing cats into my life!

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