Posted: January 26, 2008 in Family, Headspace

I just went and gave Calvin a hug. Again. He’s been looking askance at me all day.

I’ve been reading through Laura’s website, and crying my eyes out. I’m grieving for her, and her husband, and wishing that I knew her in “real life” – that I knew them.

I’m no stranger to grief. My readers have been my friends and my support through the hard times in my life. I so respect how brave Laura is – I’m not sure I could write so openly and honestly about a loss such as hers. I know how I view my writing as “therapy”, so I hope that she is somehow exorcising her grief with her blog.

She is so brave, and her memories and feelings about her husband are so beautiful and precious. They lived and loved and cherished each other, and they had such a precious gift.  They knew to appreciate what they had.  I hope the memory of that gift brings her comfort and joy, though the grief must be overwhelming.

I’m identifying with her on such an emotional level – all the fears and “what if’s” and horrible imaginings and nightmares that I have ever had, that she is experiencing for REAL, right now.

I’ve said it before – I’ve realized it before, when I lost my mother, Brad, Grandma. Please, PLEASE make sure you let your loved ones know how you feel about them.

I’m off to hug Calvin again.

  1. LauraH says:

    Thank you so much for caring about us. Life is almost too uncertain at times.

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