Nothing exciting, for once.

Posted: January 25, 2008 in Food, Health/Fitness, Journal

Jen and I just got back from lunch at Firehouse Subs. First time for both of us.

We WILL be going back.

I had the Italian Sub, she had the Meatball Sub. They were great – the sandwiches were steaming warm, the bread was soft, the meat was plentiful, the sizes were generous (their “medium” is eight inches, their “large” is twelve inches). The pickle on the side was yummy – cold and crisp and NOT limp (ah hets me some limp pickles). And the ice from the soda fountain, of all things, was awesome. Little M&M-sized pellets perfect for chewing on.

Fellow ice chewers will be as excited as I. Things such as this matter. I’m comfortable in my weirdness. So is Jen.

(Oh hey, Jen? Here is that entry I was talking about.)

On the way back to work, we paused at my house for ten minutes so I could throw together a minestrone stew in the crock pot. As we pulled up to the house, we saw that the garage door was UP and WIDE OPEN. With both motorcycles still sitting safely inside. Thank God. Can you imagine what I would have done if one or both of them had been stolen? Or if anything in the house had been missing since the door from the garage into the kitchen was unlocked too? Flipped the fuck out, that’s what I would have done. I’m going to KILL whoever left the house and left the garage door open. It wasn’t Calvin, because he left before me. It wasn’t me, because I exited out the front door. So it was either Marie home for lunch for some reason, her boyfriend, or Michael.

Whoever it was, they’re going to be sorry when I get hold of them. And I’m changing the code on the damn door AGAIN.

I’m going on an elimination diet starting tomorrow, and you all get to hear me whine about it. Not too much here, since I do still have Operation Goddess for that stuff. But a bit. No wheat, dairy, or yeast (including beer). I stood on the scale this morning for the fifth week in a row with no movement whatsoever. Not up, and not down. Just the same same same. So, time to do something different. I might try a cleanse, I might try fasting, and I’m going to start the Couch-to-5k. SOMETHING has to work SOMETIME, for God’s sake.

This weekend will be quiet and un-spendy, since last weekend was, well, NOT. No football this weekend, but the Superbowl is next weekend so we’ll be shrieking our heads off. At home or at the pub, I have no idea. GO PATS.

It’s supposed to rain most of this weekend, so I anticipate having a fussy husband who can’t go out and ride his motorcycle. Hmm… I wonder if I can come up with some other sort of distraction. Heh.

  1. LauraH says:

    My husband was a huge fan of Bellacino’s Grinders and would often eat the lunch I packed him for breakfast so that he would be “free” to grab a Bellacino’s for lunch. Thank you so much for your blog visit. I look forward to getting to know you.

  2. Heather says:

    Must be a regional thing. You say soft bread and I cringe. I love Italian bread that you have to fight with a little bit. Kind of crunchy/crusty on the outside and warm and soft underneath. (To LauraH: The Bellacino’s Grinders here just went out of business. ­čśŽ )

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