Posted: January 21, 2008 in Health/Fitness, Listy goodness
  • Work. I do appreciate the fact that I have one scheduled day per week in which I work from home. It gives me the opportunity to really concentrate if I need to, and it gives me the flexibility to be able to get things done at home if it’s quiet on the work-front. I do have a project due in two days that requires at least six more hours of concentrated effort. Like I said to my boss, “I can work miracles with a short deadline. I probably shouldn’t have told you that.”
  • Grocery shopping. Since I would have a regular lunch hour during any other work day, I usually take an hour away from my computer to go run errands or whatever. Today (and pretty much every Monday) it’s grocery shopping. I don’t altogether mindgrocery shopping – it’s food related, after all – but some days it seems to be more of an effort than it’s worth. Today will be one of those days, because it’s been close to two weeks since I did “major” grocery shopping. That means that I’ll be lucky to get through with one cart, since there will be the bulky items of dog food, cat litter, laundry soap, toilet paper, and the like to occupy the majority of the room in the cart. It usually takes me a good amount of time to put together the list since I need to figure out what I’m making for dinner this week, I need to check the larder to make sure I’m not duplicating items I already have (I’m notorious for this), and I need to go through the coupons. And then I get the sucky task of unloading the cart onto the conveyor at checkout by myself, loading the bags of groceries into the truck by myself, unloading the bags from the truck to the kitchen by myself, and putting away all the crap by myself.
  • Housework. Since Calvin and I spent very little time at home this weekend (on purpose, to fight off the mopes), all of the laundry and cleaning is still left to be done. Again, I don’t mind it so much except for the folding/putting away laundry part of it – for some reason I HATE THAT SHIT. The clean clothes will occupy an overflowing laundry basket in a corner of our bedroom, and we just dig through it all week to find what we need. Somehow I need to stop doing that and just put away the damn laundry on the same day it was washed (novel idea, that), but I keep thinking of a million and three things I’d rather prioritize over that, including but not limited to: sitting on my ass, taking a nap, clipping my nails. Anyway, if I put my head down and just DO the housework, it takes me exactly one hour and fifteen minutes if I’m working by myself (dust, vacuum, sweep, mop, kitchen, bathroom, garbage detail). Which I usually am. Pity me.
  • Work out. Even though it doesn’t seem to be doing much good (I’ve weighed myself every Friday for the last four weeks and the scale hasn’t moved at ALL – not down, not up (at least that’sgood)). Mondays are my day to do weights and cardio (Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday are just cardio; Monday, Wednesday and Saturday are cardio and weights; Friday I drink). I’m going to start the Couch to 5k Running Plan to mix up my cardio – my brains are leaking out of my ear from sheer boredom on the elliptical.
  • Deal with the animals. Which is a daily thing. Cheeto and Lucy need to be fed worms one more time before they go down for brumation again. The litter boxes need to be changed out because LO, twice as many cats means twice as many poopies. Gadget and Gypsy need to be dosed with their meds (aspirin and an antihistamine, respectively). Kali’s pond needs to be sucked out and replenished. And I’m sure I’m going to end up helping Marie deal with the stray. Animal Planet is out in full force.
  • The Daily Crap. Cook dinner, get the coffee ready for tomorrow, make my lunch for tomorrow, feed and water the herd, set out my clothes and Calvin’s clothes for tomorrow, and collapse in a heap. Good GOD, why aren’t I skinny yet???
  • But! Before all of the glory that is my day is to commence, I shall finish this entry, and then get some breakfast. Cuz Mamma ain’t got no energy on an empty belly.
  1. Amanda says:

    I laughed at your comment about how much you hate folding and putting away laundry – I hate that too! I just don’t really know why since it doesn’t take very long, but for some reason, I just can’t stand it! Same with sweeping and washing the floors.

  2. Jayne says:


    More seriously, do you think maybe you’re doing a tad too much for that family of yours? You’re very sweet to do all this and I’m sure they love you for it, but you have taken on rather a lot. You’re not the only person capable of shopping and pet care, and as for ‘set out …Calvin’s clothes for tomorrow’ (?!) Blimey, I’m not letting *my* husband see this! …Give him ideas, it will …

  3. Laura says:

    Sorry, Jayne! I didn’t mean to give your hubby ideas. Nah, I’m not doing too much – that list is what I need to get done, not what actually ends up getting accomplished. I never did end up getting the house clean yesterday, except for a few necessary things. Besides, and I know you know what I mean – I love taking care of my husband and my family. It’s just what I need to do.

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