Okay, it can just stop now.

Posted: January 18, 2008 in Headspace, Journal

The news has been really depressing lately.  Economy, housing market, job market, war, natural disaster, election, stock market… it seems like we haven’t had any good news in a long, long time.  And let’s not even talk about the local news, where the first five stories are about shootings or rapes or murders or robberies, the second five stories are about gangs or accidents or fires or kidnappings, and the last story is about the weather.

There’s no avoiding it, even though I have been maintaining somewhat of a “radio silence” – including the internet and TV – with respect to the news. I do realize the need to stay informed, but there’s informed and then there’s making yourself crazy.

That latter one is hard to avoid, when you’re an adult. Things happening on a global or national scale end up effecting you, one way or another. Even things that you’re not particularly interested in (hi, politics), you have to stay informed on because in the end it’ll end up screwing with you. Much as you try to avoid it. Much as you don’t like it. Much as you feel like you can’t change it.

I remember wondering when I was little, why all the adults in my life concerned themselves with things that weren’t happening in our little corner of Maine. Why anyone cared who the President was. What all the fuss was about when bad things happened in other countries. Why it should make a difference if the Pledge of Allegiance had the word “God” in it, or how much money NASA was spending, or who did what in Kosovo, or why Ryan White couldn’t go to school, or what happened to some wall in Berlin.

Now, of course, I understand why things such as these are important. What civil liberties are all about. How I should be concerned about how my tax dollars are spent. How things happening in distant places bring themselves home to roost right here at home. I get it, now. But getting it doesn’t make anything better. I almost think fondly back upon the years of my ignorance.

Now I’m informed, and I have so many more things to worry about.

  1. Jeanette says:

    This world is a scary place to be nowadays, for sure. The other morning I was flipping through the channels on the tv in the bedroom, which usually is just on the local news station, and my husband asked me what I was looking for to which I replied “any good news!”

  2. Jayne says:

    I keep myself informed but sometimes, like you, I just have to withdraw entirely for a few days to give my poor brain a rest. Where we once worried what was happening in our village, suddenly the village has become the whole planet and I don’t think the human brain copes too well with that.

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