Undecided no more.

Posted: January 16, 2008 in blogkeeping

I was undecided about posting a change of URL over at the other site.  My intention was to direct the WordPress blog to my old snerkology.com domain, thereby minimizing the sheer number of different URL’s you guys have had to put up with over the years (see the “About” page to refresh your memories!). So I paid my $10 to WordPress, changed my nameservers over at DreamHost, waited for the change to take effect across the innernets, and voila! Snerkology.com turned into a WordPress blog, instead of the “Don’t Panic!” redirect page that’s been there since I replaced the on-line journal format with the blog.


When I tried to call up the old blog, the archive pages of the on-line journal, and anything else in my extensive spread-out internet presence that started with snerkology.com/insertwhateverelsehere, I was getting 404 pages. Which, had I thought about it for a minute, well, duh.

So I reversed the change, and here you have snerkology.wordpress.com, instead of just snerkology.com. My archives and previous incarnations are important to me (are they important to you? they should be!), and since I can’t figure out how to still be able to access them while switching my DNS to WordPress, well, y’all are stuck with a new URL.

I hope you don’t mind.

Please ignore the “testing one-two-three” lame-oid entries leading up to this one.  Or, leave comments and make fun of them!  That’s always good, too.

Also, please inundate me with feedback and comments about the new site! And thanks, as always, for following me around the internet and continuing to be loyal readers.

  1. Jen says:

    also, i really like how i don’t have to enter the lame WEAFWmjkjoi#$@ thing to verify i am person.

  2. jadesymb says:

    and if i set up a wordpress acct, it knows who i be!

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