"Great Scott!"

Posted: July 5, 2007 in Home, Journal, movies

The forecast says it’s supposed to be 112 degrees F today. It’s 73 degrees in my office (I have a clock-slash-thermometer on my monitor stand). I am cold. WTF?

Calvin and I spent all day yesterday in our jammies, except for the 10 minutes where he got dressed to make a beer run. There was no braving of the Fourth of July crowds (and DUI checkpoints) for us. I’ve never been particularly interested in fireworks shows since my Uncle stopped putting on his own shows when I was a kid. It may have been the everything-is-grander-scaled perspective of a grown up looking back on a child’s memories, but he really did seem to go all out with his fireworks displays. Of course, they were legal in Maine back then. They don’t seem to be legal anywhere anymore, not even harmless Morning Glories and sparklers. So. I guess I just grew out of fireworks. Perhaps that’s a little bit sad.

There was a “Back to the Future” trilogy marathon on HBO yesterday, and once Calvin got wind of the fact that I have only EVER seen the first BttF (how I managed that is beyond me), we had to watch ALL THREE. My original assumption was correct – anything after #1 was not worth seeing. Ah, well, at least now I can cross that off my list of “things to do before I die”. Except that it was never on the list to begin with.

We got a storage unit this week, and this weekend will be occupied with filling it with all of our shit priceless belongings. We have a Very Long List of things to do around the house, but the #1 item was to de-clutter so we don’t have to move all of our shit priceless belongings around as we try to clean/paint/repair. We’re hoping that motivation will beget motivation, and once we get rolling it will be easier to force ourselves to do the subsequent tasks.

Okay, I’m boring myself. Over and out.


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