Beer of the Month – Month One Review

Posted: July 1, 2007 in best things, booze

Efes Pilsener – Anadolu Efes Brewery, Istanbul, Turkey
Slightly bitter, clear, color similar to apple juice. Light beer with faint flavors of lemon and apple. Finishes clean and dry, no lingering aftertaste. Light carbonation. Would pair well with fruit, cheese, or fish.
Calvin = 5 of 10 (has a fruity taste that he does not enjoy)
Laura = 7 of 10 (like lighter beers)

A Bitter End Pale Ale – Two Brothers Brewing Co., Chicago, IL, USA
Hoppy, bittersweet, and citrussy. Slightly cloudy, higher carbonation, coloring leaning toward light tannish orange. Slight bitter aftertaste that leaves the palate and back of throat dry. Reminiscent of Belgian ales. Would pair well with sushi or sashimi.
Calvin = 6.5 of 10 (likes the finish)
Laura = 8 of 10 (has more flavor and character)

Peg Leg Imperial Stout – Clipper City Brewing Co., Baltimore, MD, USA
Very dark, roasted chocolate flavor, roasted coffee finish. Dark chocolate brown in color, no translucency at all. Not as thick as other stouts. Very mildly carbonated. Would pair well with red meat or roast, or anything caramelized.
Calvin = 7.5 of 10 (the darker the better for Calvin)
Laura = 6.5 of 10 (would not drink more than one, too filling)

Adnams Broadside Original Ale – Solebay Brewery, England, UK
Pours with a decent head. Hoppy, richly bitter. Translucent brown with red tint. Light woody finish. Would pair well with strawberries and chocolate, or a smokey poultry dish.
Calvin = 6.5 of 10 (more a stout fan than an ale fan)
Laura = 6.5 of 10 (a little too bitter)

Calvin and I actually liked all of the beers. Calvin likes a lighter end stout or dark ale, I like pilseners and light ales. We’re not comparing the beers to one another, but to our personal preference for taste, texture, and finish. With that said, it is very rare that we meet a beer that we truly dislike.


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