Grumpety grump grump

Posted: June 28, 2007 in blogs, health, Journal, pets

I am starting to get quite jealous of Fred and Robyn’s garden. Lookit this picture! And this one!

Life just can’t be as difficult as it has lately, for crying out loud. Calvin and I are in one hell of a slump, mood-wise. No motivation or general cheeryness to speak of. Just… none. We’re even starting to be not-nice to each other, which is the red flag of red flags. Because generally we’re on the same side, but lately we’re just nitpicking at each other. Plus I haven’t been feeling well, which I’m sick of, and which Calvin is sick of, and for Pete’s sake, can I not just be HEALTHY?!? I take care of myself, I take my medicine, and it just seems like every time I go to the doc’s there’s something else wrong with me. Allergies. Asthma. Pancreatitis. Gallstones. Kidney cysts. Acid Reflux. Hyperthyroidism. I don’t even want to wonder what might be next.

Just shoot me now.

So how does one swing this pervasive mood around, when there is just nothing but WORK WORK WORK to look forward to? Working at jobs we dislike, working on the house to get it ready to sell it, whenever we’re ready for that. Working to reduce our debt and not add to it. Working to keep ourselves and each other happy, content, satisfied, amused. What have you.

Feh, I’m just in a crummy mood today. My morning didn’t start out well, with tummy troubles that I will forgo the TMI on. And WHY does the cat have to know what I’m doing when I use the commode, I ask you? He should just mind his own business. I don’t poke my head in his business when he’s scratching and thumping away in the litter box, after all.

Gadget and Gypsy went to the vet (well, I took them… I’d like to see Gadget try to reach the gas while Gypsy steers…) yesterday. Gadget still has a bad case of kennel cough courtesy of Marie’s puppy (who is just the cutest sweetest thing and I PROMISE, Heather, I will take pictures of her the next time she visits and post them!), and Gypsy has a milder case, PLUS infections in both ears. PLUS some kind of growth in her mouth that she’ll need surgery to remove. They’re walking (panting) petri dishes, for crying out loud. So it’s drops in Gypsy’s ears twice a day, antibiotics for both of them twice a day, and cough medicine (which I’m picking up from Walgreens today) for Gadget every six hours.

Aww, they’re just like Mama, falling apart at the seams.

Straight unsweetened organic cranberry juice is NAS-TAY. You remember that episode of Tweety and Sylvester where Tweety fed Sylvester alum, and Sylvester’s mouth puckered up to the dimension of a straw, through which he tried to suck Tweety? Yeah, well, that’s what this cranberry juice is doing to me. The things I do to try to stay (get?) healthy.

Feh again. Baaaaaaad mood.


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