100 More Things

Posted: June 17, 2007 in Blogthings, Journal, meme

See previous installment here, which was a little over three years ago. And most things still apply. But I am a very complex woman, ergo you get to know two hundred things about me.

  1. I like my eggs over medium. Just right for dipping triangles of toast into the yolk, without grossing myself out with undercooked egg.
  2. I like Disney endings. Therefore, any book/TV show/movie/whathaveyou that doesn’t have a happy ending, pisses me off.
  3. I will not touch any bug, ever. Not to step on, not to slap, not to squish. When I feed the lizards their worms and whatnot, I use the feeding tongs.
  4. I only get manicures and pedicures when I’m going on vacation.
  5. I love maps. I love looking at them, plotting trips and routes, and putting little flags on them where I’ve visited. My office walls are lined with maps, which tells people (accurately) that I’d rather be anywhere but my office.
  6. I have a very limited amount of patience for stupidity. The amount of time that elapses between my encounter with a stupid person, and my inevitable implosion, decreases with each passing year.
  7. I HATE folding laundry. Second to that on the list of top household chores that I hate is cleaning out the vivarium.
  8. As long as I have good music to listen to, I have an inexhaustible amount of patience when stuck in traffic.
  9. When I was little I used to listen through walls using the old ear-to-glass method. You’d be surprised how well that works. I wouldn’t have to resort to spying if my family hadn’t kept so many damned secrets.
  10. My sister found the notebook I used to scribble my spy-findings in (ala Harriett) between the mattresses of my bed years after I had moved away. She brings it up a lot, there were incriminating things about her in it.
  11. I can whistle pretty darned well.
  12. Once when I was in my early teens I made a recording of myself singing some Chicago (the band, not the musical) songs. It got into the wrong hands. That ranks as one of my most embarrassing moments.
  13. The other most embarrassing moment was the first time I ever farted in front of Calvin. If I recall correctly, I think I cried.
  14. As I get older, I regret with more frequency that I do not have a mother.
  15. I have never liked Moxie, which in Maine is grounds for deportation.
  16. Every time Calvin and I go through an automated car wash I’m tempted to suggest that we hop in the back seat and have sex.
  17. I’m good at my job, but I don’t particularly like it.
  18. I believe in spankings. I do not believe in beatings.
  19. The 2008 Presidential Elections will be the first in which I am a registered voter. However, I will still exercise my right not to vote if there are nothing but bozos on the ticket.
  20. I would eat a lot healthier if I were single. But I eat a lot funner being married.
  21. I totally resent exercise.
  22. I have been known to read three entire books in a single day.
  23. I ignore the entire world when a new book from one of my favorite authors comes out. Especially if I’ve been waiting for a long time. I’m looking at YOU, Jean M. Auel.
  24. This go around, I’m having a harder time coming up with 100 things than I did last go around.
  25. My self-image is probably a lot harsher than reality.
  26. I am obsessed with this website.
  27. I confess that Calvin and I have gone out and bought a featured booze after seeing it on Three Sheets. The last purchase made thusly was a bottle of Pappy’s.
  28. I will never understand nor condone the use of watermelon in any soup, hot or cold.
  29. I will never understand nor condone the purchase and wearing of Crocs (the original traditional weird ones – they’ve expanded their product line and have some more acceptable options now).
  30. I hate having my toes pulled on.
  31. The last time I had to have an IV, I cried a little.
  32. I can tolerate watching The Sound of Music, now that I am 22 years beyond performing as Brigitta.
  33. If I didn’t have my iPod with its noise cancelling headphones, I would have performed a homicide at work by now.
  34. Every time I think of it, it still seems weird to me that Patrick Dempsey is from Maine.
  35. Garlic salt has replaced all regular salt on my food. There are no circumstances that I have come across where regular salt should be used instead. Except for baking pies, cakes, and cookies, that is.
  36. Grandma used to get mad at me for eating all of the sweet peas out of her garden before they ever had a chance to make it to the table.
  37. I have always wanted to visit the Puget Sound in Washington.
  38. Of all of the foreign countries I could visit, Europe is at the top of my list and Asia is at the bottom. I don’t exactly know why that is. The funny thing is, given my job and the company that I work for, I am more likely to go to Asia than I am Europe.
  39. I have never been in or near a tornado, but I have nightmares about them.
  40. I like strawberries better than blueberries, but I’d rather have blueberry pie than strawberry pie.
  41. My favorite kind of pie is coconut cream. NOT meringue.
  42. To me, eating meringue is like eating fluffy plastic.
  43. I hate the use of the phrase, “without further ado”. I mean, READ that. It makes no sense.
  44. Lilacs are my favorite flower and scent.
  45. I kind of wish that werewolves and vampires were real.
  46. If I could have a superpower, I would want the ability to fly. Sometimes I have flying dreams that are so vivid, that when I first wake up I could swear that I could retain the ability while conscious.
  47. I’m disappointed that the Storyteller project never really got off the ground.
  48. I haven’t written a short story since this one. I need to tap into that hobby again.
  49. I don’t like watching baseball on TV, but I like going to a game. I could say it’s because of the beer that I like to go to the ballpark, but I could drink beer at home while watching it on TV, so I don’t know. I’m a complex person, I guess.
  50. It might make me a bad person, but I have favorites among my pets. I claim the Fifth on that question with respect to my children.
  51. I am pro-choice, but would not have an abortion myself.
  52. I think someone should take a contract out on Paris Hilton. If it actually happens, well, I saw some kids running…
  53. Most weekends I wake up at about 8:00. I can lay there staring up at the ceiling with my brain wandering around (nice visual, that) for over a hour before I finally lever myself out of bed.
  54. No matter how hot the summers get (and it gets HOT here), I still want a steaming cup of coffee first thing in the morning. In fact, ‘want’ doesn’t cover it. It’s more of a necessity – for me, and everyone who may have to deal with me that day.
  55. Some times I contemplate “coming out” on my journal and using my real name. Other times I am quite grateful that not much at all comes up when you Google my real name.
  56. Yes, I HAVE vanity Googled. And so have you.
  57. Something about car trips makes me need to pee frequently. But I can go all day sitting in my cubicle without having to go once.
  58. I don’t really like Clint Eastwood. Oh, as a person I’m sure he’s a nice guy. I’ve just never cared for his movies.
  59. I bought a guitar in December but I haven’t played (with) it very much at all. I have plenty of opportunities to practice, I just… don’t.
  60. I’m not the only one who thinks that pizza is the universe’s answer to the perfect all-in-one food. Meat, dairy, grains, veggies, it’s all there.
  61. Sometimes I forget to breathe. This is less related to the fact that I have asthma, and more related to the way that I deal with stress. I guess turning blue is part of my process.
  62. I have very few friends from my childhood that I still keep in touch with.
  63. My favorite color is blue and has been for my entire life.
  64. I’m a little bit afraid of my motorcycle. Though it could be more the idiots that are on the roads around here that are scaring me more than my own (lack of) riding ability that is scaring me, I don’t know.
  65. I didn’t plan where my life has ended up thus far. I hope that my lack of planning continues to be this successful.
  66. I sleep with three pillows. One to lie on, one to snuggle with, and one to throw on the floor at some point during the night.
  67. I used to have a bad recurring nightmare about featureless faces staring in at me through my windows at night, and as a result I can’t leave the blinds open after dark.
  68. Oz likes Calvin more than he likes me.
  69. I have read the “Little House on the Prairie” series entirely through approximately seventeen times. My favorite book was “Farmer Boy”.
  70. I like Matt Damon infinitely more than Ben Affleck. It seems to me that Matt Damon becomes his characters, while Ben Affleck is just Ben Affleck playing some guy in a movie.
  71. Spell check is not working on this entry for some reason, so it will probably be fraught with mistakes and I will be outted as illiterate.
  72. A pretty boy is less attractive to me than one that can make me laugh.
  73. I like to eat cold Chinese food right from the container with my fingers.
  74. I use a file sharing program to download songs to see if I like the song/album/artist. If I do, I usually go out and buy their CD. Using this method, I have far less “listen once and then ignore forever” CD’s in my collection.
  75. The first time I ever met a black man I told him in complete innocence and earnestness that he had a nice tan. I was six and he was a friend of my sister’s. They laughed their asses off while I tried to figure out what was so funny.
  76. I am so entrenched in my morning routine that I sometimes stop in the middle of things and can’t remember if I completed a step. Case in point, I once shampooed my hair twice because I couldn’t remember after I put the conditioner in if I had shampooed first.
  77. I have a gun and I know how to shoot it, but I couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn if I was standing five feet in front of it.
  78. I used to go for a long drive when I was upset or angry, doing a circuit of the freeway systems and blasting cathartic tunes. I haven’t had to do that in a long time.
  79. I DON’T FLOSS. Four out of five dentists lecture me every chance they get.
  80. I can remove my bra without taking my shirt off. This magic trick is passed from female to female during the super secret First Bra Ritual.
  81. I could never be a school teacher. I don’t have the patience. I’m a really cool babysitter, though.
  82. I get songs stuck in my mind for DAYS.
  83. I hated Taco Bell for years. Now we eat it about once a week. My favorites are the chicken quesadilla and double decker taco supreme.
  84. I’m starting to become a fan of Formula One racing.
  85. I’m still not a fan of NASCAR.
  86. Aimless whistlers are first on my list to take down.
  87. Last month I saw Porky’s (one AND two) for the first time ever. Calvin was horrified that I had somehow missed this pillar of cinematic genius. He went out and rented the movies the moment I admitted this gap in my cultural upbringing.
  88. I used to LIVE for swimming when I was little. Now I can’t remember the last time I went swimming. That probably has less to do with any distaste for the act, and more to do with how I look in a bathing suit.
  89. I think text messaging is dumb. And not just because I am extraordinarily bad at it.
  90. I would totally have sex with the guy that invented blue jeans.
  91. I know every word of every song on WHAM!’s “Make It Big” album.
  92. The first record (RECORD, as in vinyl) I ever bought was the “Footloose” album. Or was it Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”? One of those.
  93. When I was a teenager, my bedroom walls were papered with horse posters, and my locker was lined with posters of Johnny Depp and Richard Greco.
  94. I have flip flops for every occasion.
  95. I can’t wear lipstick. It drives me nuts.
  96. Some people’s ring tones make me want to shove their cell phones… where the sun doesn’t shine.
  97. I probably inspire that feeling in others. My current ring tone is “Dancing Queen”.
  98. If I sat on my hands I wouldn’t be able to talk.
  99. My worst habit is interrupting people when they’re speaking. That’s mostly because if I don’t speak the thought right as it comes to me, I’ll forget what I wanted to say.
  100. I’ll probably try this exercise again in another three years. I’ll still be blogging, you bet your bippy.

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