Posted: June 15, 2007 in goals, Headspace, Maine, work

Hey you guys, thanks to all the folks who have been leaving me such nice comments and sending me such nice e-mails, wishing me well on my upcoming interview. I’m trying not to mind-frack (heh, been watching BSG) myself over this, but it’s hard.

I’m torn. Almost exactly half of me wants them to make an offer I can accept, and almost exactly half of me hopes they don’t make an offer. If I get the offer, Calvin and I will be plunged into a whirlwind of departure prep, up to and including getting the house ready for sale. We would have to live apart for an undetermined amount of time. BUT we would finally have a foothold in Maine, which is where I’ve wanted to be for, oh, 14 YEARS.

If they don’t make an offer, Calvin and I are free to make a more controlled exit from Arizona. We can continue to pay down our debt, fix the house up in a more leisurely manner, and then job hunt when we’re more prepared to make a move.

I applied to that job on a whim, not really figuring that anything would come of it. So I guess if something does come of it, it was “meant to be”.

It’s nerve wracking, though.


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