Posted: May 31, 2007 in boredom, Journal, misc, work

I have a tedious and time consuming task to complete at work, and I am stalling (briefly) by writing an entry.

Michael (and, we suspect, a friend) drank all of Calvin’s beer and the rest of his whiskey last night after we went to bed. That is a foul of major proportions and the child shall be spoken to this evening.

I am tired of juggling around my laptop, my purse, and my lunch bag as I go to and from work. Therefore, I purchased this, in navy. I was going to purchase this, but it wouldn’t fit my lunch bag. Mama’s gotta eat.

I heart eBags.

My Assessment of Prior Learning evaluation came back, and the stuff I learned at AcronymCo equates to 12 credits toward my degree. I think I’m done now, with the exception of maybe one or two last classes. Woot!

Calvin is leaving on a business trip for a week, in mid-June (is there a less cumbersome way to write that sentence?). That is poopy. But! I can cook “weird” things for dinner and watch reruns of CSI and Grey’s Anatomy till the cows come home.

I got Calvin a 6-month subscription to the Beer of the Month Club for Father’s Day. If Michael drinks those, he’s a dead man.

I also bought something for our upcoming (five year!) anniversary, which I am eager to see how it turned out. Once I am no longer in danger of spoiling the surprise (say, in a week when I get it, even though our anniversary isn’t until the 29th but you all KNOW how I can’t keep a present from the person it’s intended for until the date it’s intended for) I’ll tell you all about it.

Don’t people that whistle tunelessly bother the HELL out of you? Once again I am turning in desperation to my iPod. I HATE working in a cubicle. But! I heart Luther Vandross. And also the new Finger Eleven CD that I bought.

Marie says she is moving out in two weeks. While not unexpected, it still comes as a shock to contemplate the thought that our youngest child is grown up enough to be on her own. Any danger (hah!) of empty-nest syndrome is unfortunately effectively crushed by the reminder that Michael ain’t going anywhere until we’re, like, retired.

Marie and her boyfriend, typical of all young couples eager to be all grown up and play house, have purchased a puppy from the local shelter (quoth Marie, “Hey, better a puppy than a baby!”). A very cute and sweet little pit-bull mix, who very kindly shared her kennel cough with Gadget and Gypsy.


Okay, I have to get crap done. Sigh again.


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