Posted: May 21, 2007 in Headspace, Journal, kids

I’ll do the entry on the last few days of our vacation soon, but there are other things on my mind that are interrupting my thought processes.

I’m feeling pretty discouraged today. The most minor contributor to that is that my back is out, again. I turned wrong and dared to *breathe* at the same time, and out it went. The pain radiates from underneath my left shoulder blade up my shoulder and neck. It’s nearly impossible to sit or lay comfortably. I drove Calvin crazy last night with all of my tossing and turning.

Stress is what causes this particular issue. It flares up a few times a year – I just got over one bout of it before we went on vacation, and hark! Here it is again. I don’t know why but I carry all of my stress in this one area of my body. I’ll have to find another cranio sacral therapist, since mine is only in Arizona a couple of days a month.

Of more concern is Calvin’s youngest sister and a bunch of negativity she is going through right now. I don’t want to disregard her privacy by writing about it all here, but suffice to say we’re worried about her and her family. She was in a car accident on Friday and while she and her son (who was with her) are okay, it’s just a culmination of a long history of negativity, bad luck, bad choices, and issues in general.

Finally there is Michael. On Saturday night he wrecked the motorcycle with him and his girlfriend on it. They’re both okay – major road rash for him, more minor for her. Cosmetic damage for the most part to the bike; it looks like they just layed it over on its right side and skid along for a while. It’s the damage to their helmets that gave us the most pause – scrapes and dents that would have represented major damage to their heads, had they not been wearing their helmets.

As I said to Calvin yesterday: “Of all the lessons that we’ve tried to teach Michael that he’s disregarded, I just thank God that wearing his helmet was the one lesson he chose to listen to us about.”

Calvin and I talked about getting a storage unit this morning, so we can start off-loading our clutter and neatening things up around the house to prepare it for sale. We need to feel like we’re moving forward with our goals, if only in the smallest degrees. Some day we will look up after all of these baby steps and find the culmination of our goals staring us in the face.

It can’t come too soon for me. Cross your fingers, I have a phone interview with a company in Maine on Friday morning. I’m not really expecting anything to come of it, but it heartened me that someone had an interest in my resume!


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