To be or not to be

Posted: May 16, 2007 in TV

This website lists the latest and greatest in network television shows – those who have made the cut for the ’07-’08 fall season, and those which have been dropped.


The Class. I’m surprised that this one was cancelled. Especially after it won an Emmy last year.

Jericho. This cancellation surprised me too – and the fact that the series finale aired on May 9th. The article says they lost their following upon their return from hiatus, and I must say that was my issue as well.

The Real Wedding Crashers. Cancelled. I thought this one was going to make it. The couple of episodes I watched were hysterical.

Numb3rs. I’m surprised that it’s returning. I can’t believe a show with this premise lasted this long.

Not Surprised:

Raines. Cancelled. I called it.

Knights of Prosperity. Hokey is as hokey does. Cancelled.

Andy Barker, P.I.. Cancelled. Not surprised, any show with Andy Richter in it is doomed to end after only a few episodes.


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