It’s Thursday already???

Posted: May 10, 2007 in best things, Maine, photography, vacation

More pics start here, or start at the beginning of the vacation set here.

Tuesday – an early drive to Old Orchard beach for a stroll along the ocean; a nap; poking around Evergreen Cemetary and taking pics of tombs and graves to freak Calvin out; fried clams, french fries with house dressing and chocolate cream pie at Cole Farms; then hanging out with my sister and her family.

Wednesday – a hangover; lunch at D’Millos with my Uncle, his girlfriend, my cousin, and her husband; laundry; a pub crawl of the Old Port that included Gritty’s, Cake, J’s Oyster Bar (with the best crab legs EVER), and 51 Wharf.

Today – a drive up the coast via Route 1; lunch at The Muddy Rudder, beers and tuna tartar at McSeagull’s in Boothbay Harbor, a drive over to Fort Popham, and now we’re back at our room about to head out to J’s Oyster Bar again. Pics of today (with seals!) are forthcoming.


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