You will be bored by cat pics and vacation pics and self portraits and…

Posted: April 27, 2007 in best things, goals, photography

In prep for our anticipated travels of this year, Calvin and I finally bought a digital SLR camera. This one, to be specific. Not one of the snazzy Nikon D-whatevers that I am jealous of Dooce over. We really only need a mid-price mid-capability camera, since we’re not exactly pro’s, nor are we photo-prolific.

Though this thing is so whizzy-bang, that might change.

Another reason we chose the Canon is because we have a couple of 35mm film Canons, with a couple of different lenses. Which are compatible with our new camera. Thus saving us hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on new lenses. We don’t have a macro lens, though, which will be the next indulgence.

There will be experimenting, and there will be successes and failures, and you will be the (un)willing recipients of it all! First is to teach myself how to do this.

I’m looking for good recommendations on digital photography books and websites, because y’all know how much momma lubs her research. So comment or drop me a line, thanks!


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