Pimp some more

Posted: April 25, 2007 in blogs

So by now everybody knows that I frequent my innernet wife Crystal’s website. Through her I found Avitable, and through him I found Miss Britt, and through her I found Amy.

And thus the blog obsession feeds itself, spins madly out of control, and instills a sense of hopelessness that one CANNOT keep up with EVERYONE WHO HAS A BLOG on the ENTIRE INTERNET.

Which, actually, I don’t want to do. But I keep finding these really good blogs (as in, all of the ones listed in my BlogRolling), and for the new finds I want to read all of their archives, and for the ones I’ve been reading for a while I just want them to update more, and…

… I obviously can’t stop any time I want to. Not on this. Ah, well, as tragedies go it doesn’t even make the scale.


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