Reading the signs for a bad day.

Posted: April 23, 2007 in Calvin, Headspace, health, Journal, kids, pets, work

My day is NOT starting off well. I slept like crap last night because my back is killing me, and when the alarm went off the first thought that entered my mind was, “Oh, this is bullshit.” So I got up to get situated on the couch with my laptop, and when I went to look for the ice pack in the freezer to help alleviate my back pain, it was gone. Which doesn’t surprise me, since lately it seems like every time I go to look for something to end some sort of misery I’m in, it’s been taken. Last week it was my allergy medication, a couple of weeks ago it was cookies, this morning it’s the ice pack.

I really, REALLY can’t wait until the occupancy of this household is decreased. It is one child in particular that is ALWAYS taking things, and I’m really sick of it. That’s all I’m saying.

Every morning my boss meets with the folks from manufacturing and then sends an e-mail to the folks in my group with all of the help needed for the day. Invariably my name is always all over the thing. Because I’m special that way. Well, he did say during my review that he wants me to become the “go-to” person. Guess he got his wish… not exactly mine, though. There’s nothing like a half-dozen or more “gotta have it NOW” things shot at you first thing in the morning to get your day started off right!

Then Calvin just called me, and the guy that was responsible for hiring him into his company just resigned. It doesn’t mean that much will change for Calvin’s job, but this was one of the “good guys” and things will just be a little more of the suck now that he’s leaving. Which got us talking along the lines of what we want to do and how we want to make our lives happier, which THEN got us down the conversational thread of how much we don’t like what we’re doing with our lives right now.

AND the cat is about to get murdered because he’s just PISSING ME OFF. If I don’t feed him as soon as my feet hit the floor when I get up in the morning, he starts looking for things to that will get him in trouble. His hope is that since I’m up to chase him away from whatever badness he’s doing (because yelling at him SO doesn’t work), I’ll just go ahead and feed him since I’m up already. And the fucker is right. I’ve had to yell at him (again, ineffectually) for jumping up at the water dragon, trying to paw a soda can down off of the half-wall, messing with the wiring behind the TV, scuffling around under the couch, and jumping up on the kitchen counter. The little asshole.

I’ve got an MRI scheduled for 11:30, then a girly-doctor appointment for 3:30. Since going to the doctors has now become my least favorite thing to do, this double-appointment day is not helping things.

Feh. It’s just going to be a bad day. At 9:30, I can just tell.


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