Posted: April 22, 2007 in blogs

Occasionally I go on a new journal/blog/website hunting binge. Because I don’t have enough of ’em already that I keep up with (see BlogRolling list on sidebar). I’m starting to call my journal/blog habit “Lays”. Stopping at one was never a question. It’s when you reach the bottom of the bag that you begin to wonder.

Crazy Aunt Purl. She’s a funny one, she is. And she’s been through a lot of stuff (divorce, self-questioning, reemergence into life) that I identify with.

Making Light. I love blogs written by smart, literary people. Plus there’s this.

Philip Greenspun. I like his blog, and I like all of the advice he shares about photography. This guy is a wellspring of information. He’s another one of them smart people.

Sunday Undies. An upbeat, funny read. Plus, she’s a lot like me in that she makes lists about EVERYTHING.

Avitable. His header says “Tact is for pussies.” So of COURSE I have to read him.


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