43 Things

Posted: April 21, 2007 in goals, Journal

One year ago today I listed all of the things (that I could think of) that I want to do on my 43 Things account. Today I got the reminder message for those things I set to “remind me in one year”.

1. Own all the seasons of Buffy. Okay, so this one keeps getting put off. Every time I go to make an Amazon purchase, this gets reprioritized and something else gets bought. Some day my Buffy jones will overcome my need for anything else.

2. Go to Ireland. This one I’ve actually made a little progress on. I bought a couple of Frommers-type guides and the tentative plan is to add Ireland to the “European Tour” during my next sabbatical in 2009. (DUDE. That’s in two years. Where does the time go?? Seems like we were JUST in Hawaii.)

3. Learn how to scuba dive. Dude (why do I keep using this word?), I haven’t even seen the ocean since we went to Canada, and them’s cold waters to be learning to scuba in. I’ll get to it, some day.

4. Learn how to snowboard. Again, the last chance I had was when we were in Whistler, and then there was no snow on which to learn. So we drank, instead.

5. Visit Westminster Abbey. See #2.

6. Write a book. While, quantity-wise, I write enough to fill a book, I haven’t actually written anything linear enough for long enough to suit a book format. Perhaps I will actually try NaNoWriMo this year, instead of just contemplating it and then deciding not to, like I have done every other year.

7. Get out of debt. This one’s doing pretty good, actually. Barring some budgetary slips during which we are less like slipping and more like ignoring, we make measurable progress every month.

8. Learn how to play the piano. When I bought my guitar I was going to pick up a keyboard to learn on, too, but I thought better of it. Good thing too, judging by the amount I actually practice on my guitar.

9. Own horses. Yeah, this is less like a “goal” and more like a “dream”. Seems every year I get further and further away from realizing this one. I just never imagined when I sold my last horse that I would never have one ever again. I figured it would be a couple of years, tops. Here it is, SIXTEEN years later. My God, has it really been that long? How have I survived???

10. Simplify my life. Barring some family and health drama, my life is actually fairly uncomplicated. Calvin and I are terrific, the job is going well if busy, and our routine runs as smoothly as can be expected.

11. Buy a Nikon D70. I was just thinking about this the other day. Since we’re doing some travelling this year, it would be nice to have a new camera. And the price of these has come down now that it’s not the most wizzy-bang thing out there anymore.

12. Lose weight. Feh.

13. Drive the Pacific Coast Highway. Well, we’ll be in Oregon in July and we’re planning on hitting the coast as part of our trip. So while that’s not the Monterey-to-Vancouver BC drive that we wanted to take, it’s something.

14. Move to Maine. We’re going to Maine (two weeks from today! WOO!), but not moving. I think I’d have to work REAL hard to convince Calvin to do that. And I have, and I am, and I will, but Oregon is probably more logical. Still, hope springs eternal and all that.


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