Sense, common.

Posted: April 18, 2007 in Journal

I feel like writing but I don’t feel like I have anything to write about. That ever happen to you?

I submitted an Assessment of Prior Learning form to my college last week. It essentially takes a look at all of the classes and OJT that I’ve had at AcronymCo and applies that toward credits and classes that I need for my degree. I’m
–>this close<–
to being done with the whole damn thing, and I’m crossing my fingers that the APL will give me my last needed credits without having to take any more classes. We shall see.

My resume is very pretty, and with the finished degree and APICS certification (which I’m pursuing this summer/fall courtesy of AcronymCo) added to it, it will be all bright and shiny when Calvin and I finally decide to move away and do something different.

Has anybody else noticed that Dr. Phil is declining in the direction of Jerry Springer? How’s the drama working for ya, Dr. Phil? Calvin and I stopped on his show tonight and it’s yet another episode with out of control parents and fucked up teenagers. Calvin is hollering and “Oh no he didn’t”-ing and I’m quite convinced that he couldn’t clean up his language enough to appear on Dr. Phil.

Not that I would want him to. I’m sorry, but “spare the rod spoil the child” is an excellent philosophy to me. I was spanked, Calvin was spanked, my parents were spanked, his parents were spanked, generation upon generation of children before us were spanked. And yet it is THIS “time out” way of raising children nowadays that has provided for the most messed up children in history. Hmm… correlation much? I’m not saying beat the crap out of them and make them bleed, but damn. There must be something to corporal punishment for it to have turned out mostly normal people up till now. Perhaps the government will give me lots of money to fund a study.

Bring on the hate mail. Shall I talk about gun control now? Heh.

Well, yeah. Chris Rock (and whoever he stole it from) had it right. Gun ownership is fine… just make the bullets $5000 a piece. That’d fix a lot of problems.

What a weird entry.


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