No good very bad day.

Posted: April 2, 2007 in Headspace

I’m having a fabulously bad day. For no particular reason. I woke up with my insides on fire, so I got to choose… indigestion, or panic attack? Hmm. I had some toast and took a couple of Tums, no effect. Work is THE SUCK today and things I usually manage with alacrity are just really combing my hair forward. I have been growling and growling and GROWLING at everything and everyone (though they can’t hear me, because I’m growling at their e-mails and their mind-boggling stupid stupidness). I was so wound up at one point I REALLY needed to calm down/burn off some steam. I decided to work out and put in a new Yoga CD, then gave it up as a bad idea about five minutes into it because the poses were just pissing me off. So I got on the elliptical and pounded away to Disturbed, but didn’t really feel better. Took a shower. Had a little cry, even. Ate some lunch. Went to the tanning salon, and then Trader Joe’s. All things aimed at making myself feel better. But my insides are still clenched, I’m eating my way through a bucket of TJ’s lowfat Chocolatey Cats Cookies, work continues to be THE SUCK, and I don’t know when this mood is going to end.



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