shave your face with some mace in the dark

Posted: March 27, 2007 in Journal

Soy un perdedor. And also, schprechen sie deutsches?


You can’t write if you can’t relate. Truer words were never… um… chanted? Beck didn’t exactly sing that song, now did he? Good lyric, though. Actually, I love that whole song (“Loser” by Beck, in case you didn’t spot it). And this reference to this lyric will make much more sense further on in the entry, I promise.

Coming off of a really great weekend. Pictures are to follow as soon as I can bogart them from Heather, who has been in town for the past week. Friday night Calvin and I met Heather and a few other folks up at Rula Bula for some reunion-esque happy-houring. I was rather giddy, giggly, and (I’m told) annoying, without the excuse benefit of being inebriated. That’s what I get for being cute, I guess. It was just so NICE to get some quality Heather time. Eventually, someday, I will go to Chicago and hang out with her there.

Then Saturday Calvin and I went to Luke Days at the Luke Air Force Base. So, when was it alright for me to get all emotional about airplanes??? I swear I did. Twice. Once when the F-18 Hornet (or some letter-number-insect combination thingy… I am a girl and can’t be expected to know these things) did a high speed pass over the demonstration grounds and a vapor cone appeared. Like (searching the internet for an image…) this:

(photo courtesy of McMahan Photo)

Okay, so maybe what got me crying was that it was that cool in real life (photos, while a close thing, don’t really do it justice over it happening right in front of you), and also that the crowd was utterly silent for a split second after the jet passed, and then absolutely erupted into applause and whistling and, well, awe. It was wicked cool.

The second teary occasion was when they did “Tora Tora Tora“, the recreation of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. There were all of these Japanese planes “bombing” the hell out of everything (there were a lot of pyrotechnics incorporated into the demonstration), and one lonely American plane chasing after the Japanese. I kept yelling, “Git ’em!” to that one lone plane (much to Calvin’s amusement), and I can really imagine how awful it was trying to rally against such an attacking force.

(photo courtesy of Commemorative Air Force website)

If you have the ability to go to a “Days” event at a nearby Air Force base, I highly recommend it. Wear comfy shoes and sunblock, though. Beer’s cheap, that’ll help.

Sunday, Heather and I went to the Ren Fair for a couple of hours (I had my first turkey leg, awwww…). We got sunburned and stuffed full and spent a lot of time trying to avoid “The Queen”, whose entourage was somehow always right on top of us. It was nice to have her all to myself (insert evil laugh here) and get caught up on the stuff she doesn’t post about in her journal. The content of which could fill a book rivaling the length of War and Peace.

Has anybody ever read that book, I wonder?

Then we went to the store to load up on fun drink ingredients, got into our comfy clothes, ordered some pizza, and watched a bunch of movies. She hadn’t seen the latest Harry Potter movie, so we watched that, even Calvin. You begin to see the effect that a Heather visit has on the household, don’t you? We also watched the most recent “Pirates of the Caribbean”, which she also hadn’t seen yet (and I have no issue sitting through a repeat of a Johnny Depp movie). Last up was “The Holiday” with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, which was adorable and saccharine and probably grossed Heather right out but she was too polite to say so. Or maybe she was asleep – she and I were the last hold-outs of the evening amid the pile of pillows and blankets on the couch, and I couldn’t quite see her face.

She spent the night and left early the next morning (yesterday, for those of you following along chronologically), and she goes back to Chicago today. Leaving me bereft with no idea when the next Heather fix will be coming.



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