Lists = Good. Planning = Better. Goals = Best.

Posted: March 12, 2007 in Headspace

After conversing extensively with Calvin this morning…

  1. Continue to make progress paying off credit debt/auto loans.
  2. Complete the mass undertaking of cleaning up our credit reports.
  3. Participate in Innkeeper seminar in May.
  4. Schedule a trip to Oregon (September?.)
  5. Laura obtain a job in Oregon (transfer with AcronymCo? Early 2008?).
  6. Sell the house in AZ (Summer 2008?).
  7. Acquire an apartment in OR (Summer 2008?).
  8. Calvin look for business ownership opportunities or employment… what do we want to be when we grow up?? (Fall 2008?)
  9. Live in OR for a year, decide if roots should be established or if we want to move elsewhere… maybe Maine? Back to AZ? Timbuktu? Where on this Earth will we be happy??? (Utilize Sabbatical #2 to figure all this stuff out?). Stay financially, employally, and shelterally flexible until we KNOW where we want to be.
  10. Live out the rest of our lives in peace, happiness, and prosperity. Travel extensively. Be happy where we’re living and where we’re working. Eat a lot of peaches.

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