Best Things: March 5th ’07

Posted: March 5, 2007 in best things

Best things for March 5th ’07 (see previous installment).

  1. The Maytag Epic Washer and Dryer. We replaced the washer and dryer my Grandmother bought X(m) and me back in ’94 when we first moved into this house. That was thirteen years ago (!?!), and that old washer and dryer lasted that long. Lately, though, the washer has been becoming unbalanced with every load, no matter how many times the clothes are shifted around. And the dryer started taking two and even three cycles to get the clothes dry. So, Calvin and I bought a Maytag Epic washer and dryer as replacements, and Calvin installed them last weekend. Well, first Calvin installed a new cupboard to go over the washer and dryer. In the process he drilled a hole in a pipe, mistaking it for a stud because the stud finder said so, and had to fix that first. But that was only a 45-minute detour (and how many husbands to you guys know that can fix a pipe leak behind a wall in 45 minutes??? He used a little baby blowtorch and everything. I was totally turned on.) In celebration of the new appliances, I washed the mountain of blankets that had been piling up in the garage. I was totally geeked for the entire afternoon. You can have a whispered conversation standing right next to them while they are both running, they’re that quiet. A load is washed in 34 minutes flat, and dried (in ONE CYCLE) in 38 minutes. The front-loading washer has a tub that is gambolled so that it never gets off balance. And a detergent dispenser that mixes the soap with the water, instead of having to pour the soap into the tub itself. After struggling with the wash for the past several months, Marie and I were both geeked while Calvin shook his head and the weirdness.
  2. Randy Couture, winner of UFC 68. Now, I’m not a huge fan of ultimate fighting, but Calvin and the kids are, so we bought the PPV event for Saturday night. It was a match between Couture (6’1″, 205 lbs, 43 years old) and Tim Sylvia (6’8″, 263 lbs, 31 years old). Sylvia, on top of being nearly 60 pounds heavier, 7 inches taller, and 12 years younger, also had a reach that was over a FOOT longer than Couture. And yet, the older, shorter, lighter man prevailed. They went all five rounds and Couture really dominated them all. I was impressed and yelling just as loud as everyone else during the match. Ahh, testosterony goodness.
  3. Jameson Irish Whiskey. Okay, this is our hands-down favorite of all of the whiskeys we’ve tried. It’s smooth and mellow, doesn’t climb up your nose and burn your sinuses when you drink it, and is warm going down without making you feel like you have heartburn. We got a 12-year-old bottle for a decent price last weekend, having had it recommended to us by several bar tenders. If you ever want to know for sure what the good stuff is, ask a pro (or, us). When we go to Ireland (hopefully during my next Sabbatical), we are totally visiting their distillery.

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