Nations go to war over women like me

Posted: February 22, 2007 in Journal, misc

Calvin turned me onto this group called “Blue October”. I really like their song, “Into the Ocean” and I highly recommend it to iPod owners everywhere. Shit. I pulled my credit report and Calvin’s credit report from Equifax, with the intent of cleaning things up, making sure our identities are not being thieved, etc. My report is 73 pages long. Calvin’s is just as long but I’m not going to count the exact number of pages in his packet because doing that once in my lifetime is enough. Now begins the exciting work of looking at every single entry, verifying the information, and then contesting the crap entries with the THREE reporting agencies. Who use different forms to contest things. Oh, my life is so. much. fun.

Some things:

Britney Spears’ hair, or lack thereof. She figures she’s been out of the news for long enough, so now she has to do something to get back into the public eye that doesn’t involve bodily endangering her children (this time). And also, she’s an idiot. And probably drug addicted. But mostly, she’s an idiot.

Sting should totally bag the whole rock-n-roll bit and stick entirely to singing in Gaelic. However, he has my permission to delay this genre switcheroo long enough to go on his reunion with The Police. Tickets go on sale Monday…

OH! Speaking of reunions, Genesis is getting back together, complete with Phil Collins. You’ve GOT to know that we’ll be snarfing up tickets as soon as they’re available.

I approve of reunion tours, much more than repeating a “farewell tour” six or seven times (Cher, I’m looking at you).


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