Da doo doo doo, da daa daa daa, is all I want to say to you

Posted: February 21, 2007 in Journal, misc

Calvin will need to decide if he wants a skinny chick, or a chick who drinks. Because, unfortunately (and hopefully only temporarily), he can’t have both. I’ve been cutting back on my drinking to aid in the shrinkage of Ye Olde Waystelyne, and every time I refuse a beer or a whisky or a wine, he looks at me all cock-eyed.

I still accept all offers of heroin, however. Heroin = skinny!

Today is Wednesday. I’ve almost made it to Thursday. Or, as I call it, “Grey’s Anatomy-day”. I have some predictions that I have voiced to my family members. I have an uncanny ability to predict what’s going to happen in a TV show or movie. If my predictions for Thursday’s episode come true, my streak as Head Idiot Savant remains unbroken.

It’s a toss-up in our household as to which animal is the most stupid. Gadget and the Waterdragon Currently Known As Nameless are neck-and-neck. Gadget, with his busted out back and his propensity toward seizures, still operates under a single speed – breakneck. When we let him in, I can’t count the number of blow outs he has as he skitters around on the floor. He also growls and bites at Gypsy’s ass whenever we let them in, and again when we let them out. It’s like a compulsion. The waterdragon, on the other hand, leaps directly at the walls of his plexiglass enclosure with startling force. We can hear him hit from our bedroom – the kids can hear him hit from their bedrooms, upstairs. He’ll climb up to a perch, leap soaringly into the air, THUNK! against the glass and plummet to Earth, sit on the bottom of the enclosure for a moment contemplating his aching nose, then climb back up and do it again. Over. And over. And over. I think the winner of the Stupid Pet Award goes to both of them. There can be a tie, right?

Many other journalers are doing this, so I am getting freaky with the bandwagoning. If there are any topics anyone would like me to post about, please e-mail me and I will endeavor to be entertaining, yet poignant. And also fabulous.


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