Rhapsody in Crystal

Posted: February 17, 2007 in blogs, misc

I must once again rhapsodize in the wonder that is Crystal. If there were ever any being on this Earth that would make me turn lesbian (or, as it is said in this household, Lebesian (leh-bee-shen)), it would be Crystal. If Crystal sold swag on her website – bitty St. Francis statues that look a little like her, or sweatshirts that have “What Would Crystal Do?” on the back – I would totally buy that stuff. If Crystal were going to visit my house I would fret for days and clean a million times and worry that the fondue wasn’t fonduey enough. And then when she got here I would just drool and blurt, “Shiny!” at random intervals.

If I wrote a book, I would dedicate it to Crystal. If I had a girl child (or a puppy) I would name it Crystal. Do you begin to feel my Crystal love, friends? Like Gatorade, is it in you?


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