Best Things: February 12th ’07

Posted: February 12, 2007 in best things

Best things for February 12th ’07 (see previous installment).

  1. Body Worlds 3. Wow. What a truly fascinating exhibit this was. Calvin and I went to see it last week (taking the trip downtown on one of the bikes and stopping for a GREAT burger, which, given the subject matter we were about to experience, was brave of us). The bodies themselves were less gruesome than I imagined they would be… much more scientific, and even artistic in some circumstances. The technology they use – plastination – coupled with whole organs (many healthy specimens in side-by-side comparison with diseased specimens – healthy lung vs. smoker’s lung vs. lung with cancer, etc… and I thought I didn’t want to smoke before), millimeters-thick and transparent cutthroughs and dissections used for many of the encased displays, really gives a phenomenal view of the internal workings of the body. Many of the full body pieces were not encased at all, allowing people to get right up to the work itself, within a breath of touching it. All of the pieces were displayed in such a manner that people could walk completely around them – some had strategically placed mirrors from which the full details of the piece could be viewed from below, above, and behind. All in all, the exhibit was very informative and eye-opening. The only part that disturbed me were the fetuses, 3 weeks all the way to 36 weeks, that were subjected to plastination and displayed. These were displayed intact, with skin and limbs unaltered, unlike the rest of the subjects displayed. That was probably part of the reason that I was unnerved. The other reason… well, they were babies. I defy anyone to be untroubled by that. This particular display was completely enclosed in an entirely separate room, so it can be identified and avoided if desired. I just didn’t know what to expect, so… However, for the majority of the exhibit I give an enthusiastic thumbs-up and highly recommend that anyone with an opportunity should go and see it.
  2. Ginger ale, and toasted Jewish rye bread. An odd subject matter for “Best Things”, but life saving when one has been unable to keep any other kind of food down. Calvin and I were looking forward to a nice, fun-filled weekend. But no. I had to come down with these flu-like symptoms (see how I spare your delicate sensibilities with what I don’t share with you, my loyal readers?) late Friday evening that kept me in bed all day Saturday and all day Sunday, and I’m still not right today. I look forward with anticipation to tonight’s meal – the first solid food since Friday’s lunchtime salad – in which I will partake of meatloaf and roasted fingerling potatoes. And it had better damn well stay down, because I don’t think my diaphragm can tolerate any more hurling.
  3. Snakebite – made traditionally with Guinness, or the lighter “Harp Snakebite”. This is one part (1/2 pint) Guinness, and one part (1/2 pint) dry hard cider (I like Strongbow). When correctly served, the cider is light and clear at the bottom of the glass, and the Guinness floats darkly on top with the requisite head and shamrock bedded on top of the foam. Rula Bula’s is excellent.

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