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Posted: February 6, 2007 in work

There’s this guy that I work with at AcronymCo – I have worked with him in various roles (once he was my boss, even) for many of the eleven-and-a-half years that I’ve been employed here. And I know him. I know how he rolls. Which is why when he asked me last week to set up a meeting for this week to discuss a certain topic, I did so with alacrity. Knowing that I would need to contact him on the morning of the meeting to ask, “Is it still on?” Because he will have forgotten that he wanted us to meet, will have instead figured out another way to solve the problem or have had forty-seven other discussions with fifteen different people between the time that he asked me to schedule the meeting and the time that the meeting was to have occurred, during which discussions the problem would have a) been resolved; b) disappeared; c) evolved into something entirely different.

Lo, I e-mailed him this morning, “Are we still on?” To which he responded, “Huh?” It amused me, purely in the way that something I knew I could count on happening did, indeed, happen. That I know this particular gentlemen well enough to see into his future like a nickel fortune teller at a carnival. I like this guy, he’s one of the good ones.


Speaking of one of the good ones, I have been indulging in an e-mail conversation with Archibael this morning. I sent him the link I posted yesterday, to which he responded:

From: Archibael
Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2007 9:13 AM
To: Laura
Subject: RE: speaking of Grease…

I don’t know whether I’m impressed or disturbed. I’ll go with the former… tentatively.

In other news… since the new Harry Potter is on the way July 21… any predictions?

Who will finally defeat Voldemort, and how?

What is Harry’s destiny? Hermione’s? Ron’s?

Who will smack down Malfoy?

Is Dumbledore really dead?

Other predictions?

From: Laura
Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2007 9:24 AM
To: Archibael
Subject: RE: speaking of Grease…

Harry will defeat Voldemort, though he may or may not die in the process. There was something in the prophesy that said that they could not suffer one another to live. Really, I think that Voldemort will just be diminished to the point where he really isn’t “alive”, but not able to come back again like he did in Goblet of Fire.

Harry’s not going to have a storybook ending. He may go in the way of Dumbledore, where he’s gone for all intents and purposes, but not “really” gone. Hermione and Ron will play a major role in the final battle – I see one of them seriously and permanently injured, probably saved by Harry who sacrifices himself for them. I just don’t see Harry going on to be an Aurora or a teacher or anything.

Malfoy will be smacked down by Snape, who will reveal himself as a “good guy”, though not in the traditional sense (hinted at by his own actions and Dumbledore’s continued belief in him in the Half Blood Prince). Malfoy will not die, but will live to be dismayed by his evil-doing.

Dumbledore is dead in the traditional sense, but there is something to that curtained portal that was present in Order of the Phoenix through which Sirius Black fell. Plus, of course, Dumbledore will show up in a portrait in the headmaster’s rooms, just like all of the rest of the headmasters before him. Fawkes is in there somewhere, too. The mystical relationship between Fawkes and Dumbledore will become apparent.

I have pre-ordered the book and I predict that I will have it read completely before 24 hours have passed with it in my possession.

From: Archibael
Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2007 9:31 AM
To: Laura
Subject: RE: speaking of Grease…

Nah, Neville will defeat Dumbledore, using herbology.

Harry will become the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Hermione eventually headmaster (she is, after all, the greatest witch of her age, as was Dumbledore the greatest Wizard). Ron will either become a professional Quidditch player or the Minister of Magic– or maybe the latter will be his dad.

Malfoy will get smacked down by Dudley Dursley.

Dumbledore is dead, but he’s on so many Chocolate Frog cards he’ll be the ultimate spy since his portrait’s essentially everywhere.

But where is the final piece of Voldy’s soul? He had seven: one went away when he got “killed” the first time, another when Harry stabbed the book, and a third when Dumbledore destroyed the ring. That leaves three more in the other artifacts of the Founders, and one more unaccounted for. I think it’s in Nagini.

From: Laura
Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2007 9:42 AM
To: Archibael
Subject: RE: speaking of Grease…

You mean Neville will defeat Voldemort?

The endings you have for Harry/Hermy/Ron are nice and certainly I’d like to see that happen, but it’s too storybook ending and would not jive with the increasing darkness of the books.

Dudders! I’ll root for Dudders! Hm. That is a good thought, though… Harry’s not supposed to go back “home” after Half Blood Prince (or maybe the book said he would only briefly). I wonder what role the “family” is going to play?

Now, that Chocolate Frog card theory is an excellent one. I wonder, though, if any of the Deatheaters indulge in chocolate frogs?

They found one of the artifacts at the end of HBP, and I think that one is contained within Harry himself, which is why he prolly won’t live. (I forget, who’s Nagini?)

From: Archibael
Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2007 9:49 AM
To: Laura
Subject: RE: speaking of Grease…

Yep. They’ve broadcast that one since book three, and underlined it in book 5 (“the one born in April” could have been either Harry or Neville). It’s possible it’s a red herring, but I don’t believe so. Voldemort’s torture of Neville’s parents “marked” him as sure as Harry wears the lightning scar.

Well, Harry will be the Defense Against the Dark Arts instructor, at least. They’ve set him up for it by slowly eroding away all the careers which would make sense for him. The only thing left is Quidditch, but I think he’ll be injured in the final conflict and won’t be able to play. Ron and Hermione may be otherwise, but my vote on Harry’s future I’m sticking with!

No, they didn’t find anything at the end of HBP: Dumbledore died in vain, which was what made it so sad. They found a fake with a note from some guy who was playing a prank on Voldy. So there’s still four out there, three of which they at least know about. Nagini is Voldy’s pet snake. The other possibility is Harry, that’s not bad… but I don’t think, when it comes to it, Rowling will kill the boy off. Everyone else is headed for corpsedom, especially Percy (and good riddance!).

From: Laura
Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2007 9:57 AM
To: Archibael
Subject: RE: speaking of Grease…

You have got a PSYCHO memory for details, man.

Oh, I agree that Neville will have a role to play in the final showdown, I just don’t think it’ll be him that brings about Voldemort’s demise.

You are permitted your own theories wrt Harry and his future. I will choose to stick with the thought that he will go the way of myths and heroes and legends. Ron and Hermione’s future fame will be based on the fact that they “knew” Harry Potter. But you’re probably right, Hermy will be Headmistress someday.

I think I’ll have to go back and re-read Half Blood Prince before the next book arrives. The details are fuzzy. Did you just read it or something? Or, no, the aforementioned crazy memory…

OH, I HOPE PERCY BITES IT!!!!!!! But when you say “everyone else is headed for corpsedom”, who do you mean? The rest of Ron’s brothers and Ginny? And Fleur, and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley? Cuz that would be poopy.

From: Archibael
Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2007 10:01 AM
To: Laura
Subject: RE: speaking of Grease…

I dunno about Ginny. Mean authordom would dictate she must die, but Harry deserves some happiness.

No, I just have a good memory for details.

I think some of the Weasleys will live, but I bet Fred or George die. Possibly both. Fleur… is questionable. I would not be sad. Mrs. Weasley might die, since her greatest fear is that her kids and husband will die, and authors are irons.

I’m just rereading books 5 and 6 now in anticipation. And to stay ahead of Talia, who burned through book 3 in three days. I swear, when book 7 comes out it’s going to be a fight between me, (wife), and (oldest daughter) who gets to read it first.

From: Laura
Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2007 10:06 AM
To: Archibael
Subject: RE: speaking of Grease…

If it comes down to fisticuffs, you can have my copy after I read it. Like I said, I’ll be done with it quick. What is the 21st, anyway (besides the day after my birthday)? A Saturday? Oh heck yeah, I’ll have it read by Sunday. You can call me if fighting breaks out.

I’m putting this whole conversation on my website, just so’s ya know.


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