Best Things: February 5th ’07

Posted: February 5, 2007 in best things

Best things for February 5th ’07 (see previous installment).

  1. NPR – the radio program and the website. I listen to NPR on my way to and from work most mornings – so, like, 10 minutes per day. But in that 10 minutes I hear interesting things, funny things, thought-provoking things. I often hear a news article on NPR long before I see it on the news or read it in the newspaper. And I’ve picked up a couple of books after they’ve been reviewed on one of the various programs. Love All Things Considered and Fresh Air. The Arizona broadcast (KJZZ) is seamless with local news and traffic intermingled with national broadcasting. Morning Edition is hosted by Steve Inskeep and Renée Montagne, and they’ve got such comforting voices. The NPR websites are terrific – webcasts of all the programs and articles, listings of the music played and the people interviewed, human interest stories and transcripts galore. Five minute news summary webcasts every hour on the hour, 24-hour streaming programming… just about everything to keep this NPR geek occupied for a long, LONG time. Plus there’s tie-ins to BBC and other international news agencies that enable listeners to hear non-American spins on the same news topics. Good stuff.
  2. Superbowl Ads. For a lot of viewers, they’re the only reason they tune in to the game ever year. Not me – well, not anymore. I used to be like that, but now I’m calling the flag before the ref has a chance to broadcast it – “offsides!” “facemask!” “delay of game!” I’ll leap up and holler at a stupid play just as quick as Calvin, and I’m right there with the hootin’ and hollerin’ when there’s a fumble or an interception or a reversal. (I am pleased, by the way, with the outcome of Superbowl 41. Lots of action, and rainy weather that WOULD have been snow if they hadn’t been in Miami, darnit. The best games are played in the snow, I think.) ANYWAY. My favorite ads this year were the Coke ads. Very imaginative, the type that you’d have to watch a few times to see everything that’s going on. OH. And DID YOU SEE THE HALFTIME SHOW?!? Prince singing Purple Rain in the rain. My heart, it beateth.
  3. Chili’s Babyback Ribs (sing it!) – specifically Kentucky Bourbon and Memphis Dry Rub. Laws, them’s good eatin’. We bought two full racks of each (and fries) for our own little Superbowl Party (plus, like, seven kinds of chips, two kinds of beer, tequila, whiskey, vodka, mixed nuts, bean dip, crackers-n-cheese-n-summer sausage… urp). Leftovers for dinner tonight!

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