More with the randomness

Posted: February 2, 2007 in Journal, misc

Today is Grammy’s birthday.

It occurred to me that I achieved the pinnacle of redneckedness (rednekkidness?) at one point in my teenage years, and I could have died then a fulfilled woman, had I realized it. This pinnacle? That I have actually ridden in a car whose bucket seats were actual buckets. Beat that, Foxworthy.

To the anonymous commenter who said that Calvin and I would not be able to “handle” the sobriety mandatory for the running of a Bed and Breakfast: who says sobriety is necessary? We’re very functional drunks, thankyouverymuch. Now, if we could just kick the heroin…

We dropped our taxes off today. I’m bracing myself for a spanking from the IRS. We file at the earliest possible moment each year just to get the pain over with. The anticipation is usually worse than the reality. Yet, not this year, I fear.

I have read twenty books in the one month that is 2007. And yet, I have managed to keep the house (somewhat) clean (hush, Calvin), stay on top of all of my work at AcronymCo, gather all of our tax crap together, watch copious amounts of television, participate in the lecturing of the children, spend quality time with Calvin, go out to eat a bunch of times, manage our finances, go for a bunch of motor rides, download many songs for my iPod, keep up on my regular journal reads, post in this journal quite a bit, and take naps. I think that while reading I have an unconscious ability to stop time, so that entire books can be consumed while no actual time is expended. Hey! I’m like Hiro Nakamura! Yatta!


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