The power you’re supplyin’, it’s electrifyin’.

Posted: February 1, 2007 in Journal, misc, work

Randomly with all the randomness:

A surefire way to improve one’s mood at work is to listen to the Grease! Soundtrack.

Sometimes I put my iPod on at work out of sheer self-defense. Kitty-corner in one direction is a cube neighbor who has the MOST ANNOYING AND LOUDEST VOICE EVER. Kitty-corner in the other direction is a cube neighbor whose cell phone is CONSTANTLY ringing, and she’s never there to answer it. And it’s got a very annoying ring tone.

Song change! “Oh let the sun beat down upon my face…”

I have a lighthouse-themed calendar on my cubicle wall. It makes me happy. All lighthouses are automated now, but I really wish they were still manned. Calvin and I would make excellent lighthouse keepers.

If I say that I don’t like how a movie ended, it’s because the wrong person died, or the guy didn’t get the girl, or the horse/dog/cat/monkey bit it. Case in point: City of Angels = WORST MOVIE EVER, GODDAMMIT. Flyboys = the ending wasn’t completely awful, but didn’t make me particularly happy either. 8 Below = I won’t even watch it.

Song change! “I need direction to perfection, no no no no help me out…”

My idea of a day perfectly spent is to wake up in the morning with Calvin, get ourselves together and go get some breakfast (iHop crepes!). Then come back home, lock ourselves in the bedroom, indulge in some playtime, and take a nap. Then wake up, run to BevMo to stock up the fridge in the bedroom, lock ourselves in again for some more playtime, then lay around nekkid talking and swigging. Raid the kitchen (well, put some robes on first) for some munchies, pile back into the bedroom, snuggle and watch bad TV, playtime, nap. Alone. Uninterrupted.

The bad thing about noise-cancelling headphones is that one’s boss can enter one’s cubicle unheard while one is indulging in a sanity-keeping blogger post.

Our children are very bad at keeping up on their chores. Well, chore, singular. They’re supposed to switch off on the upkeep of the kitchen (dishes, trash, etc.). Sometimes it’ll get done five days in a row, other times it’ll sit for three days, get done, sit for two more days… grr. It’s the ONLY thing we ask them to do around the house. Grr again. I kvetch because I had to wash out my travel mug for the third morning in a row, this morning.

Song change! “…you’re so exotic show me where you’re comin’ from…”

Song change! “Sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell.”


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