Step one on the path of change

Posted: February 1, 2007 in Journal

I mentioned briefly in the content of an earlier post that Calvin and I are going to Maine in May. To say that I’m “looking forward to it” would be a gross understatement, for several important reasons.

First, it will be the first trip that Calvin and I have been able to take ALONE in years. Since he and I have been together, there have been three (count ’em) occasions that he and I have traveled alone. One week in ’98 when we went to Maine when we first got together so he could meet my family and decide if he wanted to run away screaming, one weekend in ’99 to San Diego to celebrate his birthday, and one weekend in ’04 (or was it ’03?) up north in AZ to go skiing. Marie was supposed to go with us but she opted to stay with friends instead. Every other trip or vacation has included either one or both of the kids – which has been on purpose, since we wanted to build memories and experiences together while the kids were young. They’re 18 and 23 now. So, we are DUE.

Second, it’s Maine. Home. Italian sandwiches and real seafood and the ocean and the Old Port and all my familiar favorite places. Any occasion to get back home is cause for celebration. Plus, for the second half of the week we get to stay in the house I grew up in, the one I refer to as “home” in a way I don’t speak of the house I currently live in. My sister and her family are going to have a bonfire at their place – the last one back in that trip in ’98 was the size of a barn. A LARGE barn. Actually, I think it had part of a barn in it. And a boat. And a car.

Third, the first half of the week will be spent staying at a bed and breakfast in Kennebunkport, attending an “Aspiring Innkeepers Seminar”. We’re taking the first step in investigating if B&B ownership is something we want to pursue. This three-day seminar is structured to answer a lot of questions and help us figure out if this sort of lifestyle is really for us. To be sure, it would be a drastic (and needed) change from the life we’re currently living. We’re tired, and we want to occupy ourselves in a fashion that is 180 degrees from what our lives consist of right now.

Other people make a leap and completely change their lives around with success, there is no reason why we can’t be an example of that as well. We think the B&B industry would be a good match for us since we like meeting new people, we like being hospitable and entertaining, we want a career in which we can work together, and Calvin makes a WICKED breakfast.

I think we could make a go of it. We’re thinking Oregon would be a good place to have a B&B (darn Discovery channel and Travel channel with their “No Reservations” and “Beer Nuts” and other shows that just happen to feature Oregon lately), though the east coast is certainly an option. It was just a (happy) coincidence that the seminar is being held in Maine – there are others, of course, but I used the excuse of this particular schedule to indulge my homesickness. Sue me.

Anyway, this life altering decision will be made carefully and with all of the information we can possibly gather. You all know how I research things to DEATH, and Calvin is a Must Have Plan kind of guy. We’ve started on the path, though. I, for one, am really excited.


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