Missy sang a jangle as I commence to tango

Posted: January 26, 2007 in boredom, Home, Journal

I’m at home (drinking a beer – Michelob Ultra Amber, which isn’t too bad but certainly not my favorite, that happens to be Fat Tire at the moment), waiting for Calvin to get here so we can head out on the motor to hit a sports bar and watch the Suns game. The deep freeze FINALLY lifted (in January, who woulda thunk it??) and it’s riding weather once again.

Speaking of which (sort of), I was driving on the freeway this afternoon headed to the pet store to get some critters for the critters (rat for the snake, worms for the beardies, crickets for the water dragon, cricket feed for the crickets – reptile husbandry is a complicated and rather ookey business), and at one point hit a dead stop in traffic. It was stop-and-go for about four miles, and then wouldn’t you know? The “disturbance” came into view – a patrol car parked in the median with its lights going, and nary a road blockage in sight. There was NO impediment to the flow of traffic, and yet it slowed to a crawl for miles (in both directions, I observed while passing the traffic piled up on the other side) just because this cop was sitting on the median.

But that didn’t tick me off. Even though I was in traffic for an extra 20 minutes. I had my iPod and the windows rolled down to the 65 degree weather, so not much was wrong with my world.

HOWEVER. When I pulled into the parking lot at the pet store, I angled through the isles so that I could pull straight-on into a parking spot I spotted up front. Except that just as I pulled up another truck coming in a different direction squeaked into it just in front of me. Seriously, I had to stop short. And then, cursing, I had to circle around again and park somewhat further away.

Now THAT ticked me off. There’s just no telling, with me.

Heh. Before I left home I was sitting in the truck in the driveway, hooking up my iPod to the FM adaptor and stereo, and finding a good song before starting out. I glanced down and to my left, and saw a teeny clear colored spider hanging from the thread of a web. I squeaked, and rolled down the window. Apparently, the web was hooked to the window, because as it descended, the spider descended. Eep. Now it was on the arm rest on the door. So I grabbed the pack of Trident that was on the console, hoping to coax it onto the paper and then flick it out the window. Except that as soon as I approach it, it LEAPED INTO THE AIR and landed on my leg. At which point I flopped in my seat (getitoffgetitoffgetitoff) and brushed at it, and it landed somewhere on the lower seat or floor.

I think.

I jumped out of the truck and jumped up and down on the driveway (getitoffgetitoffgetitoff), brushing at my pants. I didn’t see it, on me or in the truck. Which means it’s probably, like, in my bra right now or something.

I wonder if the neighbors saw me.

It makes no sense whatsoever that I handle worms and crickets and reptiles on a daily basis, and still beat myself to death when a little spider crawls on me.

(Song: “Luv 2 Luv U” – Timbaland & Magoo)


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